Indigo Beam: Leveraging Data to Transform Operational Efficiency

Adarsh Karia, Managing Partner
Data—a vital asset for any organization can provide a competitive advantage if analyzed and used effectively. Advanced technologies such as mobility, cloud computing and knowledge management can enable this goal. However, the Energy sector today faces some unique challenges. An aging workforce, complex environmental and regulatory requirements, geo-political issues and cyber risk management pose significant challenges to efficient data management. "Our consultants design individualized solutions for our clients to maximize the potential of their data while minimizing the risks posed by the unique challenges facing the industry” explains Adarsh Karia, Managing Partner, Indigo Beam.

Headquartered in Houston, Indigo Beam’s focus is on exploiting the potential of field and organizational data for better accounting, engineering and operational functions in the oil and gas industry. By specializing in niche areas such as field data management and production accounting, Indigo Beam seeks to provide high value service to an industry that is constantly evolving.

While Indigo Beam works with industry specific solutions such as P2 Energy, Spiradata, ESRI and Oracle E-Business Suite, their solutions are designed to utilize the power of packaged solutions while enhancing their value with functionality enhancing custom components. Indigo Beam also designs and develops fully custom solutions on both Microsoft and J2EE platforms. The company’s expertise is in three segments: data collection in the field, the usage of that data for operations, engineering, or accounting, and analytics associated with that data. “Direct data collection in the field ensures the timely and accurate creation of invoices and simplified production cost calculations to usable and readable formats. Multiple data sources ensure that decisions are based on better information,” says Karia.
Indigo Beam’s experience in custom application development, ERP, and mobile technologies for oil & gas turns disparate and discrete data streams into usable, actionable information. The company has earned many clients such as some oil and gas majors as well as mid- sized companies such as Strike, Genesis Energy, TPC Group, Hydrochem, ACS Engineering and TSB.

In a typical implementation scenario, the workforce at HydroChem, a front runner in the industrial cleaning industry, was spread out in remote areas in the various refineries, posing challenges in data consolidation. Data had to be collected on the services performed, raw materials used, personnel associated with the services, specific problems encountered, and budgets. With connectivity being poor due to the remote location, Indigo Beam developed a solution that enables the client to acquire data from across locations and synchronize it with their corporate data. The highly advanced synchronization mechanism works with very poor connectivity as well. “We collect data from the 60 locations, bring them back to corporate and package them. Based on that data, our client is able to invoice their clients, pay their vendors, pay the salaries of their employees, and compile data on the specific issues that their clients face, providing them with forward looking thoughts on how to avoid these types of situations,” says Karia.

Karia believes in unbridled creativity. He empowers people to express themselves and construct creative solutions in tune with the trends pertaining to the energy sector. According to him Indigo Beam brings proximity between the Business and IT executives within an organization. “Our differentiation is in the knowledge that we have in the business aspect of the oil and gas processes and the tailored solutions that we offer to our customers,” adds Karia.

On the anvil are plans to develop products, which can provide niche ser- vices for clients in the energy sector. “We endeavor to provide our clients with individualized technology-driven solutions that help them make the best decisions for their business” concludes Karia.

Indigo Beam

Houston, TX

Adarsh Karia, Managing Partner

Provides business consulting to automate oil fields.