Inductive Minds: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

CIO VendorJoe Mazza, CEO; John Walker, Principal; Justin Hayes, Principal
Federal agencies face unprecedented pressure to provide more diverse and sophisticated services with fewer resources. This environment has created new opportunities for small businesses to provide seasoned professionals who are able to bring sophisticated skills to bear at an acceptable price point. Inductive Minds brings a “lean and mean” operating model into a federal consulting landscape dominated by large, acutely inefficient, defense contractors. Its practitioners average 15 years of applied experience with over 75% having at least one graduate degree or advanced technical certification. They attract this level of talent with a focus on service delivery excellence, an informal corporate culture, and a compensation package calibrated to keep their professionals in the top 10% of the market. Clients are attracted to a delivery model priced to fit their needs, and free of the more aggressive sales tactics of larger firms. Inductive Minds is currently supporting clients involved some of the toughest technical challenges facing the public sector including the federal government’s migration to the Cloud.

Early Adopter

Since its inception in 2009, the Virginia headquartered firm has been the leader in providing Amazon Web Services based solutions to the federal government. Inductive Minds specializes in cloud based consulting, primarily Amazon Web Services. The firm is an AWS Standard
Consulting Partner as well as an AWS Government Partner and stands a class apart from the rest in offering Cloud migration strategy, enterprise architecture, and other IT related functions.

One of the factors contributing to Inductive Minds's success is its focus on responding to each client’s diverse needs. This focus enables Inductive Minds to understand the requirements and the environment of its customers and offer specific solutions, strategies, and architectures that satisfy those needs. This has been driven by its team of high performing individuals who are dedicated to serving its customers and who understand and believe in their mission. In the words of Inductive Minds CEO, Joe Mazza, “We are known [in our sector] as one of the higher performing small businesses and we have justified this credit in every approach and step we take”.

Moving to the Cloud

The firm is currently focusing on cloud adoption and migration strategies targeted for the problems faced by its federal customers. As part of the plan, the firm has developed several initiatives, including expanding its contract base and leveraging its partnership with Amazon to explore and engage new markets. The firm relies heavily on the contracts being in the professional services, this is one of the core moves the firm looks up to realize. The other strategy is leveraging partnership with Amazon in a view of exploring new markets and businesses. Inductive Minds is spending huge resources for its clients who depend on Amazon solutions in both the local and in the overseas market. Regarded as one among the few to have a deep insight of Amazon Web services, which is integral in the federal government, Inductive Minds is making its mark and is finding that acquaintance in aiding the federal government with its winning combination with AWS.

Inductive Minds

Joe Mazza, CEO; John Walker, Principal; Justin Hayes, Principal

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