Indus Systems: An Indomitable Visionary in Facilities Management

Anupam Sachdev, CEO
The trail was treacherous, the wind was freezing, and the air was thin and overbearing. Yet after trekking 18,000 ft through the rugged wilderness of the Himalayas, Anupam Sachdev, CEO of Indus Systems was directed by only one thought, “Next year I must conquer 20,000 ft.” Sachdev's need to scale great heights does not end with his occasional mountain expeditions but also transfuses into the manner in which he runs his company. With a keen eye for disruptive trends, Sachdev has always been open to technology refresh cycles and changing business environments, throughout his career trajectory. “One must keep up with emerging technology regardless of the payoff,” he adds. Today, Indus Systems’ roaring success is an outcome of Sachdev’s foresight and timely reengineering of business practices.

Founded in 1987, Indus Systems was initially a services company providing electronic documentation solutions to corporate facilities, at a time when Computer Aided Design (CAD) was on a rise. “In the year 2000 however, following the dot-com bubble which also precipitated a consumer demand for automation, we decided to build our own product platform as part of our services function,” reflects Sachdev. Today, Indus Systems is a preeminent provider of Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) in the area of facility condition assessment and field services. While his sharp business acumen enabled the company to make a quick transition into the Software as a Service (SaaS) driven world, the risks encountered were numerous. “We had to rebuild our entire employee base as they were more accustomed to service delivery and after combating several uncertainties; we finally designed our integrated web based enterprise platform, iDrawings®,” remarks Sachdev. The solution tightly couples drawings and databases to support mission critical space-centered applications, manages employee and department moves, and tracks project workflows and physical assets.

Visualize—Anytime, Anywhere
iDrawings® allows authorized users to store, share, view drawings, condition of facility components, capital planning and other operational data through an internet browser, to perform business analysis and make effective decisions. Designed to aid the facilities management lifecycle, from acquisition to disposition, iDrawings® is a leading edge technology and the first platform of its kind to integrate CAD drawings, functional databases and a browser based user interface. Driven by a passion for innovation and out of the box thinking Sachdev says, “The key is to visualize a world outside your current environment.” Constantly improving iDrawings® since its inception to include added benefits, the platform is easy to use with a flexible data integration framework and is extremely beneficial for a mobile workforce. What distinguishes iDrawings® from other mobile platforms used in field services is its innovative space-centric visualization ability. “Although handheld devices have always been a core part of field services, most platforms today are database driven,” states Sachdev. With the iDrawings® platform, any changes that are made in the field on the mobile device can be subsequently synchronized with the desktop though CAD drawings and graphics. This enables facility mangers and field services personnel to always stay up-to-date.

Another major differentiating factor of iDrawings® is its real-time connectivity to Building Management Systems (BMS). The platform not only helps monitor major categories of BMS Systems such as Fire , Life Safety (FLS) systems and energy consuming equipment, but also delivers real time feedback of monitoring and testing these systems and energy use through intelligent sub-metering and a graphical analysis of energy improvement opportunities.

What distinguishes i Drawings® from other mobile platforms used in field services is its innovative space-centric visualization ability

While with most systems, higher levels of data abstraction results in silos, iDrawings® integrates engineering drawings and data from Building Information Modeling (BIM), into a singular cohesive Integrated Facility Life Cycle (IFLC) information repository, in turn eliminating silos.

On one occasion, a prominent global provider of Building Management System (BMS), discarded their legacy systems and opted for iDrawings® to conduct their field services. “Currently our platform facilitates field services operations throughout the U.S. for the client,” points out Sachdev. To top it all, the customer is also planning on using the platform overseas on a global scale. In another instance, for the top 5 Architecture/Engineering (A/E) firms in the U.S., Indus Systems is building an application for condition assessments and field survey which is designed to orchestrate continuous surveys of large facilities, aiding in maintenance and budgeting.

Enabling Integrated Facilities LifeCycle
Serving a broad range customers spread across varied sectors like healthcare, education, and government, Indus Systems is very particular about the security of the their platform. “Our platform is not only compliant with security regulations, but can also be customized to fit the particular needs of a client,” says Sachdev. When the Defense Information Systems Agency wanted to deploy the company's platform but was apprehensive of the SaaS model, Indus Systems provided the software and services required, which was hosted on the client’s server and network infrastructure.

Apart from their state-of-the-art platforms the company also offers services and helps organizations define software and computer application architectures, implement strategic information systems, and support department level IT infrastructures. “We provide an optimal combination of operational flexibility, resources, and technology and our team of expert staffvehemently upholds our commitment for excellence,” exclaims Sachdev.

There’s Always Room for Innovation
Moving forward, Indus Systems plans on further developing their platform to be browser and product neutral. The company is even looking atintegrating other technologies into their platform. Sachdev also envisages that in the near future, IoT will emerge as the key disruptor in field operations and play a major role in remote management of assets. “In such times it is essential to be attuned to your environment and distill the opportunity that is staring you in the face,” opines Sachdev .

Barry Finlay, author of ‘Kilimanjaro and Beyond’ once said, “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” These words indefinitely echo in Sachdev's entrepreneurial ventures and his fervor for growth. In the days to come, Sachdev has his goals set high. “By combining IoT and digital workplace technologies, we are aiming at infusing revolutionary ideas with futuristic solutions, that no one has implemented as of yet,” ends the CEO.

Indus Systems

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Anupam Sachdev, CEO

Provides Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems, which includes drawings development, field surveys, and condition assessments

Indus Systems