INDUSTRIOS Software: Going beyond Technology to Optimize Manufacturing Infrastructure

CIO VendorRenato DeGasperis, President & CTO
How will your business improve? This basic yet important question needs to be at the forefront of every Manufacturing ERP system selection and implementation. Out of all the available sets of solutions on the market, the functionality a manufacturing firm chooses to implement has to be driven by expected results in targeted areas.

This approach has been key to INDUSTRIOS Software’s success over the years. Being the developer of a software suite with a service offering focused on delivering results, INDUSTRIOS Software Inc., based on Oakville, Ontario, brings to the table manufacturing business process knowledge coupled with software developer and implementer product expertise. This unique combination allows INDUSTRIOS to grasp customer goals, understand business process issues, and apply creativity in problem solving to help manufacturers hit their targets.

Working with a mission to improve manufacturers bottom line,“we have developed the INDUSTRIOS ERP Manufacturing Suite,” Renato DeGasperis, President and Chief Technology Officer of INDUSTRIOS Software, Inc. “INDUSTRIOS ERP is a robust, proven, and complete set of manufacturing software applications with successful implementations in multiple manufacturing environments including make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, configure-to-order, mixed mode, and make-to-project,” says Eva DeGasperis, Senior Vice-President, Professional Services and Practices of INDUSTRIOS Software, Inc. The suite helps companies streamline their business processes by controlling the inventory costs, scheduling the production, effectively managing procurement and material, and improving sales mechanisms. Adding advanced manufacturing functionality to the Sage 300 ERP suite extends feature sets in the family to appeal to a broader target market. “Companies who outgrow Sage 300 ERP distribution, job cost and inventory functionality can remain in the family using Sage 300 ERP financial applications and benefit from the INDUSTRIOS ERP advanced manufacturing feature set, while maintaining a solid two-way integration,” adds Eva.

The INDUSTRIOS ERP Manufacturing suite is a product about which customers have said that its functionality rivals that of Tier 1 ERP suites. But, as mentioned above, the INDUSTRIOS value proposition extends beyond basic software development, through the deployment of its services offerings. INDUSTRIOS offers multiple options to its customers to suit a variety of needs.
At the low involvement end of the spectrum, INDUSTRIOS customers can choose the DIY (Do It Yourself) offering, a complete training-centric approach intended for customers who are adequately staffed, and have experience implementing ERP software.

Those wanting to benefit from a more consultative approach can choose SteppingStonesTM, INDUSTRIOS’ suggested methodology for those wanting to complement training to benefit from the company’s experience at different aspects of ERP implementations, such as project management, and business process definition and engineering.
For those customers wanting to extend the relationship to an on-going, strategic partnership, INDUSTRIOS created its Appointed Directorship program. Under this program, INDUSTRIOS works together with its customers to select areas to apply continuous improvement to, establish targets for these in the form of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), define mechanisms to measure these, then help continuously monitor and develop processes meant to improve the targeted areas.

Going beyond INDUSTRIOS ERP, the company also offers its Progress Blueprint program. This program is designed to help manufacturers identify and capitalize on opportunities for their businesses by creating a blueprint to optimize operations. “It helps ensure that they keep from falling into the arsonist by day, firefighter by night trap,” says Edward Szukalo, Vice President, Member Advisory and Practices for INDUSTRIOS. “We created The Progress Blueprint Program based on our experience working with hundreds of clients over many years”, adds Edward.

The INDUSTRIOS value proposition extends beyond basic software development, through the deployment of its varied services offerings

Helping manufacturers achieve their objectives has fueled INDUSTRIOS growth, and the company continues to develop ways to partner with its customers to compete and succeed.


Oakville, ON

Renato DeGasperis, President & CTO and Eva DeGasperis, SVP, Professional Services & Practices Edward Szukalo, VP, Member Advisory & Practices

INDUSTRIOS Software, Inc. uses technology and business process improvements to help small and medium sized manufacturing firms optimize their investment