Indyme Solutions: Reinventing the Customer Experience

Joe Budano, CEO
As the battle with online sellers intensifies, savvy retailers are increasingly focusing on enhancing the customer experience to invigorate in-store traffic. In their quest to deliver a differentiated customer experience, many retailers are embracing technology solutions. Indyme, a leading provider of shopper engagement technology, leverages its innovation lab to deliver cutting edge solutions for today’s customer experience challenges.

The frustration of not finding sales assistance in a DIY store led inventor and entrepreneur Steve Deal to establish Indyme 30 years ago. Though he abandoned a purchase that day, the frustration drove him to invent the first wireless help button. Since then, Indyme has evolved into a leading provider of real-time customer engagement and loss prevention solutions.

Indyme’s extensive product portfolio ranges from the ubiquitous help button to fitting room management solutions, advanced theft detection sensors, anti-theft deterrent devices and real-time customer satisfaction measurement. These solutions are built to enhance the customer experience.

A recent innovation from Indyme focuses on transforming the customer’s fitting room experience, through SmartFit™. Industry research reveals that fitting rooms are key conversion points in the path to purchase, significantly influencing sales and satisfaction. For example, while only 10 percent of apparel shoppers who don’t use fitting rooms typically buy, the conversion rate soars to 70 percent for customers using fitting rooms! Driving traffic to the dressing room by creating an inviting and differentiated experience clearly pays dividends.

Describing how SmartFit came into existence, Joe Budano, Indyme’s CEO commented: “Here at Indyme we have a great passion for improving the customer experience by living in stores and studying the drivers of satisfaction. We studied shopper behavior in the fitting room to identify the pinch points that impact the overall experience. We then created our SmartFit solution around these key drivers. Today, Indyme’s SmartFit solution represents a complete suite of products that positively affect virtually all aspects of the customer experience in the fitting room.

In partnership with leading apparel retailers, this is how Indyme tackles the biggest fitting room challenges:

Indyme Solutions is passionate about transforming the customer experience with the ‘right tech’

• First, it can be tough to know just when customers desire assistance; now, a simple button press from inside the dressing room summons assistance. A different size or color, no problem, help is on the way.

• Second, how to drive more traffic to the fitting room to increase overall conversions; Indyme provides the ability to reserve fitting rooms using buttons or tablets.

• How to measure traffic conversion to fitting room occupancies; by accurately measuring occupancies and integrating with existing traffic data, Indyme provides robust metrics to measure fitting room conversion. Smart retailers are inviting customers into the dressing room by reserving a room for them and using this new service feature to drive significantly increased conversion.

• Next, what could be done about those unappealing shadows cast by overhead dressing room lighting; Indyme responds with TrueView™, an innovative new concept in fitting room lighting. This user selectable scene lighting provides a fun experience as customers view their prospective purchases in three different lighting scenes: Office, Daylight and Evening.

• Finally, Indyme’s retail partners sought an improved Omnichannel kiosk experience to reduce out-of-stock abandonments. The answer: StyleLink™, an Omnichannel kiosk, enabling shoppers to barcode scan an item of the desired style then enter the needed size to access chain-wide inventory. The purchase can then automatically push to the POS for checkout. Not only does StyleLink enhances the customer experience and increase conversion, it frees up store personnel–a win all the way around!

SmartFit is a great example of the innovation taking place at Indyme aimed at transforming the customer experience.

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Joe Budano, CEO

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