INetU: Compliant Cloud Hosting Solutions for Business Critical Applications

David Fowler, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy
Red Hat’s platforms are known to deliver dramatic improvements in reliability, performance, and scalability. For instance, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, targeted at the commercial market, provides the resources for enterprises to efficiently manage their servers, mainframes and more. However, clients often face issues in installation, upgrading, testing and ongoing management. “The majority of these challenges are not specifically around Red Hat or the operating system, but combined with how you architect and design the application and infrastructure that will support,” begins David Fowler, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, INetU. Headquartered in Allentown, PA, INetU offers private, public and hybrid cloud solutions backed by their customer centric approach to proactively support and monitor the client’s environment and applications.

INetU has a team completely dedicated and certified on Red Hat. The team monitors the client's systems constantly to address potential issues before they occur. The INetU Client Center is the portal which helps their clients to monitor, manage and change their entire cloud environment. This enables clients to see the status of their servers, including backup, CPU and memory usage, bandwidth, storage, security reports, compliance dashboards for HIPAA and PCI and more. The company also delivers a security suite, as a part of their product portfolio. “We work with every prospective client to understand their current application and infrastructure,” says Fowler. This phase in the customer centric approach is Consultative Design, during which a solution architect meets with the prospect to design a cloud solution that provides them with all of the necessary requirements—to be successful in the cloud from the start. Based on the consultative design, a team of experts puts the design into actions and reduces the stress of moving to the cloud.

In the second phase, Worry Free Onboarding, a prospect becomes a client and they continue through the lifecycle first by being assigned a team of experts to help the deployment into the cloud with a step-by-step plan, consistent checkpoints all led by their assigned Chief Hosting Officer.
“In the case of ongoing Proactive Support—rather than waiting for a client to come to us with a problem, we monitor their environment and applications, taking action when needed as we work directly with our clients to optimize their cloud experience,” asserts Fowler. As part of the Continuous Business Planning phase, the assigned Chief Hosting Officer conducts regular conversations with clients about their business and combines this with analysis of their cloud activity. This process helps to determine how one can adjust and plan for ongoing business needs. As this is a lifecycle, it never stops and continues throughout the life of the customer.

The company has assisted several clients like Segway, STORIS and MiracleSuit to deploy Red Hat solutions effectively. For instance, AccuReg—a company providing healthcare patient registration software, was built to solve a real-world problem at a local hospital. As the company grew, they needed to move their applications to SaaS and a hosted environment. In order to solve this problem, AccuReg partnered with INetU to help scale their application and move it to the cloud while receiving a 40 percent ROI.

We work with every prospective client to understand their current application and infrastructure

Going forward, the company continues to invest in partnerships— INetU also aims to continue to have the highest customer satisfaction rating by a 3rd party evaluation, Net Promotor Score (NPS), as they build the best managed cloud hosting environment and tools to ensure the success of the customers. “We focus on prioritizing the customer’s requirements by treating each of our customer’s business, as if they are our own,” concludes Fowler.


Allentown, PA

David Fowler, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy

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