Infer: Delivering Value-bound Enhancements for SAP Ecosystems

Thiru R Bujala, Founder & Vice President
Being an SAP Enterprise Systems Architect, it was only a natural progression for Thiru R Bujala to conceptualize a company that could help clients in attaining more efficient business functionalities. The vice president and founder of Infer, as he is known today recalls, “Infer was started back in 2002 with the sole reason to address the existing gaps in a company’s SAP journey.” Based on his previous experience and expertise in the SAP space, Bujala’s company Infer develops better process management strategies such that the clients can get the best of both worlds— proven industry-specific solutions based on the world’s leading ERP innovations; and a dependable partner that delivers on expectations. And the rest, as they say, is history. A US Federal Government 8a Certified company, Infer operates as one of the leading strategic partners that can achieve overall business objectives seamlessly in the SAP space today. Whether it is about operating more efficiently and reducing costs or establishing best practices, the company offers a broad range of comprehensive SAP solutions to help clients in adapting as business needs change and ensuring faster ROI.

Primarily catering to entities in the public sector, pharma, healthcare, and life sciences industries, Infer’s unique process management strategy—Infer Analogy—follows a value-bound solution delivery model. As a light-weight approach that combines project management principles with Agile development methodology, the Infer Analogy strategy provides cost-effective solutions. For SAP implementation in ERP Central Component (ECC) or Business Analytics and Intelligence, the company undertakes the project applications and divides them into sub-modules or groups, which Bujala terms as “work-packages.” How this makes the overall process efficient is that the project is divided into smaller applications on which work can be done separately before integrating the different packages. This not only makes the operation more efficient but also saves time as different teams can work in parallel.

Infer was started back in 2002 with the sole reason to address the existing gaps in a company’s SAP journey

The entire process is further embedded into an application which can be accessed by the managers to assess its progress and compare it with the mapped outcomes. Bujala further mentions that the complete process is patent-pending, which when granted, will give Infer an extra edge in the time to come.

Through its unique process management strategy, Infer has developed three different products as of now, Infer, iSecure, and RISQ. While the product Infer increases the likelihood of research success in raising the chances of finding and acting on crucial information, iSecure provides user access control to different resources based on enterprises’ business model. Lastly, the RISQ offering can provide a well-built assessment of network security of an organization. By using these products, Infer has helped many prestigious clients over the years. Bujala mentions one success instance, where the company assisted the client in devising a process which can provide business optics, design studio optimization, and a seamless audit methodology.

Having carved a unique niche for itself, Infer is all set to revolutionize the landscape and has also been appraised to CMMI level 3 and also is ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality Assurance which will propel them above the competition curve in the near future. Bujala states, “We are looking forward to expanding our solution offerings in areas such as “AI, Predictive Analytics, NLP and Machine Learning.” From an industry vertical standpoint, Infer is aiming to expand more in the pharma, federal, life sciences, and healthcare space and will be aiming to be the top solution provider in the SAP space in the next 18 months.


Princeton, NJ

Thiru R Bujala, Founder & Vice President

A dependable partner that delivers proven, industry-specific solutions based on SAP, the world’s leading ERP innovation