inField Clipboard: Collaborative Field Service Management Platform

Rakesh Tiku, President
The challenges faced in paper-driven or fragmented IT work order processes are of utmost priority to organizations with field resources. inField Clipboard is a leading, dynamic technology company that delivers a superior customer experience while improving productivity, both in the field and the office. “inField Clipboard FSM, was designed to be mobile first, based on our study of how field workers function in the field and what they really need to be successful,” says Rakesh Tiku, President, inField Clipboard.

“Customers are becoming more sophisticated and are rapidly requiring a platform that can truly handle end to end business processes—from inquiry to invoice. Software that just does work order management is not enough anymore, nor is a standalone telematics platform or CRM,” he states. inField Clipboard’s design point is to be a highly configurable and customizable platform that enables the uniqueness of its users’ workflow and integrates with customers’ existing technologies such as accounting software to allow for the end to end user experience that companies are demanding.

inField Clipboard improves the ability to communicate throughout the work order process, while managing in real-time. This is due to the many features of inField Clipboard, which includes a virtual filing cabinet which stores work orders, customer details, assigned resources, forms, timesheets, pictures, drawings and more. “The Work Order’s ‘filing cabinet’ setup keeps all information related to a job at the user’s fingertips, enabling our clients to always be audit ready,” states Tiku. Integration with telematics, routing and accounting platforms add to inField Clipboard’s core capabilities. The result is a highly configurable and customizable software platform that doesn’t change the company’s business processes, instead enhances how they work. inField Clipboard’s clients have realized an increase in capacity by 40 percent and cashflow, which enables growth in revenue, as well as, decreases in payroll, errors and administrative work, which increases profitability.
The company recently streamlined a solution for The Signman Reality Services who was impeded by their paper-driven work order process. inField Clipboard facilitated the automated integration of workflow by incorporating various functions, from work order management, route optimization, vehicle location management and invoicing. As a result, the client has reduced their administrative workload by approximately 20 hours/week, and plans on expanding their services to a wider geographical area, which will dramatically increase their revenue stream.

The Work Order’s ‘filing cabinet’ setup keeps all information related to a job, enabling our clients to always be audit ready

“inField Clipboard is able to focus on solving the customers’ business problems versus changing their workflow to fit the software due to its highly configurable and customizable features. inField Clipboard implementation for it’s clients often evolves as their business requirements change throughout time,” states Tiku. The company leverages the experiences of their team, clients and market trends to better understand the challenges facing the industries they service. “Structuring inField Clipboard as the communication hub, results in a seamless solution that offers complete visibility and maximization of all resources,” says Tiku.

inField Clipboard strives to meet the current and future needs of its clients, with software designed to adapt to the customers’ demands and as they incorporate leading technology, such as, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. “We take a collaborative approach with our clients to learn and improve how they work, and guide them towards the areas of work they would like to improve,” delineates Tiku. “Our mission is to simplify field operations for clients while optimizing performance and profitability.”

inField Clipboard

Markham, ON, Canada

Rakesh Tiku, President

Provides a seamless solution that enables complete visibility and maximizes control of all field resources from inquiry to invoice

InField Clipboard