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Mary Williams, President & CEO
Does the idea of a truly enjoyable workday that is high on productivity and low on effort and stress, sound too farfetched? InfiniTek believes not! Mary Williams, President and CEO, InfiniTek, has decades of experience in getting the latest leading-edge-software to harmonize perfectly with their clients’ requirements. She has built and surrounded herself with a team of experts that are passionately dedicated to providing answers that make it fun to go to work.

Besides providing every product that Microsoft and other software leaders have orchestrated into existence, Mary also subscribes to know-how that empowers employees with the power to work as a well-tuned team. She knows the team-creating wizardry delineated in Stephen M. R. Covey’s book “The Speed of Trust” inside out, and offers it to clients and prospects as a way to continually support and empower the employees. “InfiniTek is an excellent example of the effectiveness of applying the Speed of Trust process. Building a high-trust culture is the most significant thing leaders can do because it eats strategy for breakfast and enables them to perform better, faster, with less cost and greater engagement of their people, while having fun along the way,” says Covey.

The company’s talented team also includes, Jason Mindte, VP of Business Development. Mindte is their systems integration wizard, whose ability to get software products to harmonize with the needs of clients is unparallel. “Microsoft is always at the leading edge of technology, but at times the software can be complicated, and we need to make it simple. One way we achieve this is by using the Kinect interface technology with Dynamics ERP,” says Mindte. InfiniTek has an intimate understanding of the fact that a system is only as good as its output. “If you cannot get data out in the format you need, then why even put the data in?” he adds.
The company uses affordable BI and dashboard tools that enable executives and employees to access data, provide valuable insights and make their work more enjoyable and effective.

John Rafanello, the man instrumental in ensuring that the Disneyworld EPCOT opened on time, is InfiniTek’s VP of Operations and its Chief Happiness Officer (CHO). An acknowledged expert in the Total Quality Assurances technologies, Rafanello says, “People are our greatest asset. When they are rewarded and acknowledged for their accomplishment, everyone wins. When executives have the wisdom to make them a hero for discovering mistakes and for finding ways to make things better, there is nothing an organization cannot accomplish.”

One of their clients, Moss Motors, with well over 100 system users, faced a very difficult ERP upgrade. Utilizing the expertise of InfiniTek’s team, Moss was able to optimize their database, fine tune their SQL performance, and move to a hosted environment, enabling the IT Director to take his focus off the minutiae and put it on more strategic initiatives. “InfiniTek really saved our lives! Their processes, staff knowledge and expertise helped us through a really difficult upgrade and made our Dynamics ERP system better than before,” says Alex Wong, IT Director, Moss Motors.

As described in Ken Blanchard’s book, InfiniTek is passionately dedicated to creating “RAVING FANS”, which virtually removes the need for expensive sales and marketing campaigns. They achieve this by providing software solutions and team building skills that offer executives and employees an ever increasing ability to eliminate the problems they do not want and make appear success.

Dan Youngers, the former Microsoft Technical Partner Advisor to the Western United States, says of InfiniTek, “InfiniTek incorporates the ease of use philosophy that allows users to embrace the power of Microsoft Technology.”


Murrieta, CA

Mary Williams, President & CEO

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