Infionic: Augmenting Operational Efficiency through Seamless Integration of Data

CIO VendorSubramanyam S.P., CEO
Information is just fragments of data unless it is streamlined and in context, especially in the project management sphere. Establishing Infionic 8 years ago, it has been Subramanyam S.P. (Subbu)’s endeavor to tackle this data and provide project management solutions that reduce cost and improve efficiency. “We help companies achieve better results by investing less time, people, and money,” says Subbu. Most clients think that all project management tools are ‘garbage in, garbage out’ and it is evident that there should be a way to make sure that the data that goes in is good. This is where Infionic comes in, as the tool offered by the company makes sure that good data enters the system which ultimately results in good output.

Subbu feels that despite having the best and latest technologies around, organizations are not able to free them- selves from physical reporting and manual intervention for collection of data. Infionic specializes in seamlessly connecting this information across the organization to instill a transparent, efficient and data driven company. The company’s flagship solution, Infionic One increases transparency, improves operational efficiency, and provides a holistic view of business operations. It helps the client promote and enable the decision making process based on facts and figures. Infionic is able to do a good job with their tool because not only does it concentrate on core project management aspects, it has a functionality that deals with multiple data points to help view the project in the right perspective. Apart from project management, they provide ancillary data and data management tools to make the resources in one place.

While most project management tools do not cross-leverage CRM data, Infionic adds value by providing a unique feature wherein the projects are tracked from a very nascent stage. “An interesting
analogy would be that we start tracking the project health from when the baby is in the womb and not after it is born,” says Subbu.

Infionic also follows a mobile-enabled, cloud-based philosophy as they believe that by making something available on the go, decisions can be made quicker, information is updated faster, and bureaucracy is cut out, making people all the more efficient. “Inertia is the biggest thing that people have about starting something new and the cloud philosophy breaks the barrier by giving them instant solutions,” he notes.

Ultimately what we want to do is make project and program management easy, relevant, and affordable

As the idea of project management currently extends beyond just technology projects, Infionic has scored multiple clients from various industries. One such example is Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, an integrated global pharmaceutical company, who sought to develop a centralized system for easy access to project and program related information to enable timely decision making. Infionic stepped in and implemented their project and portfolio management solution along with migrating the existing data and phasing out redundant tools. As a result, reports which took several days to generate are currently being generated at the click of a button.

Looking forward, Infionic intends to add more mobile and cloud based solutions along with incorporating more analytics into their tools. “Today we operate primarily in the U.S. and India, and in the next two years we plan to expand to the rest of the world, because we believe that our tool can easily and successfully adapt to any geography,” concludes Subbu.


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Subramanyam S.P., CEO

An enterprise software company that enables right decision making process in organizations through its comprehensive, flexible and easy to use project and portfolio management software