Inflectra: Application Management through Integrated ALM Solutions

With the rise in innovative technologies, there has been an increase in demand for intelligent software solutions to optimize business processes; but such advances bring many obstacles as well. A major challenge faced by application development teams is in providing high quality apps for streamlining critical work within the deadline. The benefits of collaborative information with enhanced visibility can be obtained by proper implementation of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. Such best-in-class ALM solutions are provided by Inflectra, a software company dedicated to managing the software lifecycle development effectively. Inflectra effortlessly integrates web and client/server technologies to provide companies solutions that ensure flexible business processes. Inflectra’s different modules for requirement management, software testing, and help desk enable organizations to experience increased return on investment and decreased time to market. With the growth of agile models, IT firms have embraced Software Configuration Management (SCM) for agile IT management.

Inflectra’s flagship product, TaraVault, provides safe, secure, and accessible source code hosting with the help of both Git and Subversion code repositories. Both repositories present in TaraVault are fully compatible with the users’ systems and are augmented with an enhanced and encrypted communication-channel for secure access. “TaraVault’s solutions enable users to manage the source code repositories. Its powerful features for managing requirements, planning projects, tracking bugs, and allocating resources allow users to link source code revisions and ensure quality,” explains Adam Sandman, Director, Inflectra. The firm’s products can be integrated with many leading tools in the market which enable the clients to function without vendor lock-ins. The availability of a vast library with free add-ons to integrate with TaraVault makes the product well-documented, adaptable, and stable.

TaraVault also integrates with the firm’s ALM software— SpiraTeam, an ALM tool that promotes team collaboration. SpiraTeam features project management, quality assurance, and promotes effective collaboration with customization through administration and secure data migration. Another module that can be used in conjunction with TaraVault is SpiraPlan. This module is based on the agile project management system. The integrated task management program of SpiraPlan helps users define and categorize tasks and manage them as required.
Inflectra’s ALM suite also has a test management and bug tracking tool called SpiraTest which streamlines the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). A recent release of the SpiraBuilt Server Plug-in for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) enables clients to integrate the build management features of TFS with Spira ALM suites. “TaraVault, being integrated with SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan, helps clients in managing software development projects within a single environment,” exclaims Sandman.

TaraVault is integrated with SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan (ALM) platform that helps the client to manage software development projects within a single environment

On numerous occasions, Inflectra’s solutions have been highly beneficial to the financial service industry, when it faced unprecedented changes. With the evolving regulations in the industry and cutting-edge technologies, Inflectra provides tools that are compliant with the regulated norms. In addition, the solution minimizes the risk of managing software assets. Inflectra has also helped healthcare and bio-technology firms to ensure that their testing and validating processes are on par with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) norms. Furthermore, Inflectra offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its products. The strategy to incorporate user-friendly features in its products has enriched the user experience of the platform. Inflectra’s list of global clientele includes Alcatel-Lucent, the Coal Authority, Queensland Government, and Capgemini.

For the future, Inflectra plans on adding more modules to the Spira suite to offer a streamlined solution to clients. “With the use of a task board and a Feature Driven Development (FDD) methodology, Inflectra plans on improving productivity and streamlining deployments for clients,” affirms Sandman.


Silver Spring, MD

Adam Sandman, Director

An ALM solution provider that enables agile IT processes by effectively managing a firm’s software development lifecycle