Info Tech: Developing Internet Bidding and Construction Management Software to Satisfy Unique Busines

Dr. Thomas Rothrock, President
The infrastructure construction industry is taking a hard look at itself, probing ways to replace every paper-based process with an electronic one. “There are various kinds of stakeholders in a construction project, so technology solutions should help to meet their unique needs instead of flooding them with irrelevant information,” says Dr. Thomas Rothrock, President of Info Tech, Inc. The company develops, implements, maintains, and supports automated web and mobile infrastructure construction management and internet bidding solutions that satisfy customers’ unique business needs.

Headquartered in Gainesville, FL, Info Tech started its journey in the 1970s by developing the first computerized methods that helped detect collusive behavior in sealed bid markets for customers such as the Florida Attorney General. This engagement led to Info Tech becoming a pioneer in computerized techniques for detecting fraudulent business behavior in various industries. The company established the software development division in response to client requests for specialized software for complex functions.

For more than 25 years, the company has been developing construction software for state transportation agencies under contract with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), delivering incremental enhancements as well as new capabilities to its customers. The original software the company developed was for mainframe platforms. Now it is extended to windows client-server and the web. This constant evolution has continued to meet users’ needs while ensuring the software remains fresh and modern. “We are now offering our construction software in a hosted cloud environment, and providing mobile applications that work seam¬lessly with the system,” said Dr. Rothrock.

The Bid Express service, the Estimator software and the Appia software are some of the key products offered by the firm. The Bid Express service has processed more than $1 trillion in construction bids and has more than 8,000 users. Developed for transportation agencies and their design consultants, the Estimator software is a power-packed tool that streamlines the project estimation process, making it quick, simple and accurate.
Meanwhile, the Appia software is a web application for construction administration that effectively manages daily reporting, funding, items, change orders and payments with an intuitive interface and multiple role types for controlled, real-time collaboration. It is designed for local agencies and consulting firms.

For the customer perspective of the Appia software, consider the example of Smith Seckman Reid, a consulting firm. The firm wanted to manage a complex, multi-year project that involved multiple funding sources and stakeholders. The construction projects included road, bridge, railroad work, and more. Smith Seckman Reid required a web-based tool that would help them in real-time online collaboration and “live look-ins” for all stakeholders based on role. Using Info Tech’s Appia software, Smith Seckman Reid saved the equivalent of one staff person on the project. “The Appia software allowed us to be more efficient because we were able to keep inspectors in the field more, and provide our client with up-to-date information that they can access at their convenience,” said Chris Sweat, Construction Manager, Smith Seckman Reid.

We work closely with our partners to develop, implement, maintain, and support automated infrastructure construction management and Internet bidding solutions that satisfy their business needs

Info Tech’s systems are incredibly robust and perform a multitude of functions to manage infrastructure construction programs for large agencies. However, these applications stay as simple and intuitive as possible, welcoming end-users.

Info Tech believes that the key to staying relevant is continuing to satisfy customers. “We can’t rest on our laurels. In the coming years, we will continue to cultivate relationships with customers, commit to them for the long-term, and deliver timely, quality applications that help them do their jobs better,” concludes Dr. Rothrock.

Info Tech

Gainesville, FL

Dr. Thomas Rothrock, President

A developer of automated technological web and mobile infrastructure construction management and internet bidding solutions.