InfoBeyond Technology : NXdrive: The Next Generation of Data Storage

Bin Xie
Though there is a significant increase in sophisticated attacks, cybersecurity countermeasures such as network security enhancement, security monitoring, and intrusion detection are still lagging behind when it comes to preventing attacks to overwhelm data information systems. These attacks may encrypt, alter, and even destroy data making data readability or availability a problem. Alongside security measures, many businesses are resorting to backup solutions to prevent data from being tampered or destroyed. Backups add data redundancy to prevent data loss. However, these backup solutions can be expensive and even prohibitive, especially when the data volume is big, e.g., healthcare data. In addition to high cost, passive data recovery from their backup solutions has other limitations such as delay in data recovery and interruption in business services. As a specialist in delivering next-generation storage solutions, InfoBeyond Technology addresses data security issues to support smooth business services.“Our state of the art solution NXdrive provides a holistic solution for data storage and protection against data breach attacks,” explains Bin Xie, Ph.D., CEO of the company.

Unlike the traditional encrypted file-based data storage approaches, NXdrive is a fragment-based approach that stores a data file as a set of fragments. Fragments are built from the original data file, and the number of fragments (e.g., 3, 5, 10) is configurable to achieve user desirable data resiliency against cybersecurity attacks. More specifically, fragments are constructed to offer several critical data protection capabilities. Firstly, it has layered encryptions to prevent keying vulnerabilities like key spying and key crash by quantum computers. Secondly, each fragment is composed of random symbols which if compromised discloses no data information to an attacker. Next, destruction or loss of a number of fragments less than a built-in redundancy will not affect the data availability. On the other hand, a high build-in redundancy enables very high data availability with minimal extra storage space. Due to this, NXdrive achieves high business availability with the lowest cost while defending ransomware and other data security attacks. Fragments are stored in dynamic moving storage spaces, instead of static data storage. It further plays a digital shell game to mutate the attacking surface.

Our state of the art solution NXdrive provides a holistic solution for data storage and protection against data breach attacks

As another unique feature, fragments can be self-regenerated once a fragment is under attack. All these capabilities are integrated into a system without interrupting the online business as NXdrive fragmentation and reconstruction are efficient enough in support of data-intensive business operations. In addition to NXdrive, Security Policy Tool prevents Access Control (AC) leaks through systematic AC policy modeling, testing, and verification. This ensures the AC policies are free from vulnerabilities like privilege leak and logic flaws such as separation of duty hidden in multiple policies.

The data storage solutions at InfoBeyond were initially developed in 2013 for military applications in need of high data confidentiality, strong security, and high availability in hostile environments. Since 2016, R&D efforts supported by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) have enhanced InfoBeyond’s data storage security with a robust, unified, professional, and functionally powerful AC tool to prevent access control leaks. Currently, over 500 users including BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance), healthcare, defense, IT enterprise are using InfoBeyond’s products for improving the security of their data systems. The company has been dedicated to data storage security in compliance with HIPAA, FISAM, and NIST risk management baselines while meeting the 7/24 business data operational requirements in a cyber-attacking environment. InfoBeyond recently introduced blockchain technology into NXdrive to achieve data integrity and immutability for the applications where the security must be maintained in all phases of data generation, delivery, store, and consumption. Such technology is supported by the Department of Energy for meeting the urgent requirements for national power systems to improve the grid security and resilience against cybersecurity attacks.

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Bin Xie

InfoBeyond is known for providing advanced communication, security and intelligence solutions. The company aims at developing innovative solutions that solve some of today’s most critical IT challenges. It specializes in cybersecurity, big data, and wireless/satellite communication. The products the company offers include security protocol tool, NXdrive, cloud security architecture tool and imageR. The team at InfoBeyond also provides solutions for cybersecurity, big data and machine learning, networking and communications, and blockchain. Their efficiency systems, mathetical modeling, prototyping, system design, theoretical analysis helps them provide personalized services to their clients