InfoFaces: Bringing Sustainable Approach in Business through Analytics and IT Solutions

Kishore Kochi, CEO
In today's technology-centric world, IT teams are required to be more flexible and agile. With emergence of mobility and cloud technology, the communication and collaboration channels have transformed swiftly. In such a scenario, the role of IT to add value to business performance has become the need of the hour, more than a supporting platform. “Now, organizations need to have a practical and sustainable long term approach for conducting business,” begins Kishore Kochi, CEO, InfoFaces. InfoFaces provides Predictive Analytics, IT Services, business consulting and staff augmentation to various industries. “Our IT services and consulting teams are focused to supplement technology solutions on predictive and prescriptive analytics for business processes,” adds Kochi.

InfoFaces helps organizations to develop Business & IT Strategy by providing Analytics and IT Services, ultimately improving the business operations and processes. Additionally, InfoFaces provides IT outsourcing through architecture development, business intelligence, application support and maintenance, mobile and tablet solutions, and quality assurance services. The company also helps organizations transfer their traditional services to cloud and thereby enabling them to conduct readiness assessments and diagnostic evaluations through this service. “Being a ‘technology agnostic’ company, we have been striving to give the best solutions based on IT trends,” affirms Kochi.

InfoFaces provides predictive analytics for companies in Operations, Finance and Marketing, such as regression and statistical modeling, risk and opportunity analytics and revenue assurance. “Our data scientists bring a wealth of experience to enable businesses to optimize their business processes, which would lead to efficient and effective operations,” says Kochi. “Our clients achieve competitive advantages through a continuous business transformation by adapting best practices in their respective domain.”

InfoFaces had helped a global telecommunication service provider to mitigate their lack of real-time prediction of the undertaken orders that hindered the efficiency of the client. In addition, backlogged orders were also a cause for the company’s low performance. With predictive analytics, the client could obtain coherent operations. It also incorporated preventive measures to mitigate the risk of the company.

Being a ‘technology agnostic’ company, we have been striving to give the best solutions based on IT trends

InfoFaces provided an analytical tool that helped in order management by improving the end-to-end visibility to the Customer Care Managers. An integrated database system was achieved to view and track order details. A region-wise map of the customer location was conceived where order details were displayed in the risk analytics view. As a result, the clients’ end to end cycle time was reduced drastically.
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, President

InfoFaces also assist customers perform critical IT initiatives by reducing organizational risk and managing IT resources. For instance, a leading health care provider used to perform patient evaluation and self-assessment through Reaching Recovery (RR) application. The client reached a junction where they had to extend the use of the application, as a service to a larger customer base. Taking hold of the situation, InfoFaces helped the client to implement a SOA based application supporting RR application so that the client’s external customers could access the application from any place. The client’s existing database was also re-designed by InfoFaces to accommodate audit trail and security information. The client reported additional revenue, approximately 750,000 to 1 million per year.

Looking ahead, InfoFaces is preparing its journey to expand its geographical print. “We are also looking forward to become a global decision science company, and thus expand to different geographical regions and other business verticals and provide quick, time to market solutions,” concludes Kochi.


Ashburn, VA

Kishore Kochi, CEO and Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, President

InfoFaces provides IT Services, business consulting, process analytics, big dataanalytics and staff augmentation for telecom, healthcare and financial industries