Infoglen: Unleashing the Power of Salesforce Platform

Haroon Ahmad, CEO and Saba Ahmad, Co-Founder and Director of Salesforce Solutions and Customer Engagement
As the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce has experienced an amazing trajectory of growth that is a testament to the range and quality of its products. With its expansive array of capabilities though, oftentimes organizations have to contend with challenges in implementation and adoption. But the search for the right partner ends with Infoglen, a company that combines in-depth Salesforce platform knowledge, business domain expertise, and industry best practices for best-in-class implementation services.

Infoglen’s leadership team is comprised of former Google employees who have extensive knowledge of CRM and Enterprise Application domain, and offer technical expertise coupled with strong functional skills. “We do an in-depth analysis of our client’s business processes and technology landscape before recommending a CRM roadmap and solution,” says Haroon Ahmad, CEO and Chief Salesforce Architect of Infoglen. “Our key technical leadership remains involved throughout the CRM implementation, to ensure a successful project,” he continues.

The Infoglen team aligns itself with both the client’s tactical and strategic objectives and develops a solution which can scale and adapt itself as the needs of the customer evolve.

“We are leveraging the Salesforce platform to go beyond the traditional CRM functionalities and are providing enterprise-level solutions to solve core business problems,” explains Saba Ahmad, Co-Founder and Director of Salesforce Solutions and Customer Engagement.

“With its focus on innovation, quality, and customer success, Infoglen’s vision is to be one of the top Salesforce service providers in the world,” says Haroon.

Infoglen is involved in multiple Salesforce Project implementations across the country. Network Security, Healthcare, Staffing, High Tech & Communications are some of the key vertical industries where Infoglen has built Salesforce solutions both for the enterprise and for its customers and partners. The range of Infoglen’s technical capabilities includes CPQ, Einstein, Lightning, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce Platform and the Marketing Cloud.
The company has done multiple Salesforce Community platform implementations to build partner and customer-facing portals. Infoglen has also seen a lot of growth in the area of CPQ implementations, and it expects the CPQ implementation demand to scale up. To feed this demand, Infoglen is investing significantly in building out its CPQ capabilities.

We are leveraging the Salesforce platform to go beyond its traditional CRM functionalities and providing enterprise-level solutions to solve core business problems

AI and Machine Learning is another area of significant focus for Infoglen. “We have a formed a group in the company dedicated to Einstein learning, adoption, pre-sale, and implementation. We strongly believe that companies which quickly adopt AI will find themselves at a distinct competitive advantage,” says Haroon.

Infoglen is strongly positioned to grow as a top-tier CRM consulting company, as it focuses on leveraging and evolving the right methodologies, processes, and tools. The leadership feels that one of the primary reasons for their success is the feedback loop of constant learnings from each of their projects, incorporating that back into their best practices and processes.

Describing Infoglen’s latest work, Saba elaborates, “One of our recent and most impactful projects was an end-to-end automation solution for NDA generation and approval, leveraging deep integration between Salesforce and Docusign, for a premier innovative technology company of the Bay Area.”

She continues, “Another recent project included a complete Salesforce rewrite of a 10-year-old instance, to a brand new implementation for a midwest based nonprofit organization. This project included consolidation of CRM and DRM (donor relationship management) systems, along with an integration with e-commerce and finance systems.”

“We are continually innovating on behalf of our customers and guiding them to the next level of technological advancements they need, to successfully achieve their strategic goals,” concludes Haroon.


San Jose, CA

Haroon Ahmad, CEO and Saba Ahmad, Co-Founder and Director of Salesforce Solutions and Customer Engagement

Infoglen is a Salesforce consulting company that delivers CRM solutions and services. Its list of clients includes enterprises from across all levels. With a highly-skilled team that is experienced in carrying out Salesforce implementations, Infoglen has earned the reputation as a valuable Salesforce service provider. Infoglen helps companies take advantage of Salesforce CRM by aiding implementation. The company also serves clients wanting data migration between Salesforce and other ERP and CRM systems. Infoglen also develops and converts applications to support Salesforce customers. The consultancy and support services that Infoglen offers are of unmatched quality