Infolaser: Delivering Managed Print Services in Harmony with Today’s Businesses

Marc Joly VP, Strategic Business Development The managed print services (MPS) industry is flourishing–thanks to the efforts from enterprises to tackle escalating print costs and drive greater business efficiency. A recent estimate shows a compounded annual growth rate of 10.75 percent for the MPS market between 2012 and 2016. In contrast, IDC’s research says that “with multiple devices installed, most organizations have between two to six times more office printing capabilities than they actually need.” The real need is to effectively utilize the existing systems and bring in more efficiency. This opens up wide avenues for companies who not only pay heed to the organizations’ specific printing needs but also have a broader understanding of overall printing ecosystem within an organization. “Customers expect a very high level of consultation, active account management, and regular reviews and recommendations. That’s what constitutes the ‘managed’ part of MPS,” remarks Marc Joly, VP, Strategic Business Development, Infolaser. “We, at Infolaser, deliver a true MPS solution that aligns with the customer’s requirements of greater user productivity, less down time, and ensure that our clients have right devices for their printing and imaging needs.” By using a balanced deployment approach with open technologies and software, Infolaser is able to streamline business processes and free up human resources while reducing direct costs and carbon footprint.

Infolaser, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), has been in the business of delivering MPS services since its inception in 1995. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary and have built a national presence across the country. Today, the company offers a host of services for improving the print and document ecosystems of its clients. “We help our clients manage their print fleets in a way that delivers a better end-user experience,” states Joly. “We stand-by our promises and deliver the expected results.”

"We help our clients manage their print fleets in a way that delivers a better end-user experience. We stand-by our promises and deliver the expected results"

Raising the Bar

Infolaser aims to lead the MPS landscape by delivering a higher level of service. In this regard, the company has pushed the envelope on the traditional MPS approach of hardware purchase and cost-per-copy model. “Almost 90 percent of companies don’t have accurate information about the quantity and usage of their fleet of printing assets. We help our clients manage every step of the printing process which starts with thoroughly assessing their existing fleet,” explains Joly. Once the company maps out the current situation, the Infolaser team informs the customer of their fleets’ total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Infolaser team then decides on the solutions to be implemented to manage the current fleet, and generate not only short-term but recurring savings for both direct and indirect costs.

We are a one-stop shop for all managed print and managed document requirements of our customers

“With our core MPS solution, Harmony, our objective is to reduce the intervention of the customers’ IT Team and end-users as much as possible,” adds Joly. “We have achieved a reduction in service calls to the service provider by up to 50 percent and up to 80 percent internally, thereby reducing the burden on the customers’ helpdesk staff.” The company also automates the procurement of supplies, thus, giving a turn-key solution with limited customer intervention.

Document Lifecycle™: From MPS to MDS

Stating about the current scenario of MPS landscape, Joly says, “The current MPS solutions focus only on the 10 percent of the document costs, while neglecting the 90 percent which includes paper flow, workflow, and business software management.” The company addresses this through its host of innovative software solutions and processes that empower customers to “kill the paper” faster. By doing so, Infolaser has become the Document Lifecycle™ expert for many of its clients and assists them in implementing a managed document services (MDS) solution.

“Companies need more insight into their document output environment and document workflows. We bring the right information to the decision makers’ attention, at the right time, so that they can effectively manage their Document Lifecycle™,” reveals Joly. The need of the hour is to be proactive, rather than reactive, and to be the source of accurate and pertinent information for the customers.

Creating ‘Harmony’ Between People, Devices, and Processes

Harmony, as the name suggests, brings multiple makes of printing and imaging devices and end-users in a collaborative environment. It is an advanced MPS solution that offers certified on-site support for current and future printing assets, automates supplies replenishments, and preventively manages all of the customers’ devices. With Harmony in place, organizations have a “peace of mind” solution with less downtime and limited IT staff intervention. “The customer only needs to supply power and paper for the devices; Harmony takes care of the rest,” says Joly.

Once the initial assessment is completed, the company implements fleet management solution, Harmony, to manage supplies and device maintenance on a cost-per-copy basis. “This step involves taking into account the devices, accurately tagging the assets, deploying our supplies inventory management system, preventive maintenance program, and so forth,” explains Joly. This enables Infolaser to collect valuable data about the usage of the fleet. Leveraging this information, the company generates insights and recommendations on how to optimize the use of the customers’ current fleet. Infolaser then performs paper and workflow analysis to improve upon its customers’ document workflows, thereby reducing their Document Lifecycle™ costs.
Case in point, with the goal of improving their print environment to better service their customers, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) turned to Infolaser and HP to increase uptime, decrease costs, streamline operations and positively impact the environment. CAA had a basic MPS offering in place to address their print capabilities. However, the “managed” part was missing from the services offering. “We replaced their existing print infrastructure with a brand new HP technology, implemented our Harmony MPS solution, and an innovative software solution called HP Access Control,” explains Joly. The implementation enabled users to use their employee access badges to login into any device, release their print job(s), which strengthened the security within organization and reduced waste. Leveraging HP technology delivered uptime of 99.80 percent. “Two years down the line, CAA was able to reduce the amount of prints by over two million annually. The energy consumption of the devices was also reduced by over $15,000 a year,” adds Joly.

The Road Ahead

By virtue of having regional offices coast to coast across Canada, Infolaser has established itself as a national specialist in MPS. “This helps us deliver a national solution within standard services in all locations, but delivering a customized services with local flavor,” says Joly. Infolaser is now translating the benefits of its offering across North America, managing fleets across Canada, the U.S., and even Mexico.

Being an independent service provider has given Infolaser the ability to be agile in their offerings. “Since we are catering to small and medium businesses all the way to large enterprises, we are able to quickly adapt to the growing and unique needs of our customers,” says Joly. “We have the vision to partner with the customer and guide them to optimize, manage, and improve the output, input, routing, archiving, and searching of their documents. We are a one-stop shop for all their managed print and managed document requirements.”

From a simple supplier of transactional supplies and services to providing a true MPS service, Infolaser has come a long way since its inception. Always looking to innovate and evolve, Joly believes, listening to their customers and leveraging innovative technology solutions have been key factors for Infolaser’s success over the years. “The reason we were able to deliver solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations, it’s because of the quality of our team that we have at Infolaser and the values we share. Our company is built on the core values of respect, integrity and family.’

With continued geographical expansion in the cards, Infolaser is looking to create strategic partnerships to further strengthen and improve the MPS landscape. “We want to continually improve our offerings to our customers’ satisfaction, provide the information to make better business decisions and take control of their Document Lifecycle™. our goal is also to raise the quality of MPS delivery market in north America. From what we’ve seen and our client’s feedback, many compagnie out there claim to do MPS but in fact it’s just a device plus cost per page,” says Joly on an ending note.


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Marc Joly VP, Strategic Business Development

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