Infolob Solutions: Enhancing Critical Enterprise Functions through Oracle RedStack Solutions

Vijay Cherukuri, CEO Oracle has been offering a unique range of solutions to enterprises of different sizes, income and industries. In fact, for several companies, Oracle is the onestop solution for all their critical business requirements; it could be optimizing business process, reducing cost, facilitating a less-complex infrastructure and many others. Helping organizations in different domains to leverage the hi-end Oracle solutions are their partners such as Infolob Solutions, led by Vijay Cherukuri, CEO.

Infolob, incepted in 2009, is a recognized name in Enterprise Application Software, Managed IT Services, Remote DBA, Big Data, DBA staffing, Consulting and Application Portfolio Management. Cloud, Big data and database administration are at the core of Infolob’s functions, with the main industries being healthcare, Public Sector, Insurance, Retail and finance. Infolob has been influenced by the constantly increasing volume of data across different industries.

As an Oracle Platinum partner, Infolob empowers a wide range of critical enterprise functions such as Finance Management, CRM, Capital and Supply Chain Management, Corporate Governance, Product Lifecycle management and Oracle Fusion Applications.
With more than 150 Oracle Database Specialist and Middleware Practitioners, of in multiple locations,Infolob extends Industry leading, and time-tested methodology, through domain experts and dependable services. Presently based in North America, the firm is actively considering expanding into the Southern regions as well.

The ‘Infolob-Oracle’ Approach

In the journey as a successful Oracle partner, With Nine plus specializations in Database, Golden Gate, RAC, OEM, Security, ADF, SOA, BAM, Performance Tuning, Infolob has developed an ‘Oracle Center of Excellence’, which serves as the one-stop solution for Value-added services, End-to-end solutions, Assessments, Health Checks. Thought leadership in technologies include ZFS SAN, x86 Platform, Oracle EBS, Hyperion, Primavera, Oracle Portal, PeopleSoft, Siebel and ECM.

Through this top end oracle center of excellence, the Infolob team continues to deliver business accelerators, rapid implementation strategies and methodologies. They have also been able to define process flows to simplify complex implementation of products utilizing oracle e- business apps.

“In the immediate future, the facility would serve as the platform for features such as hand to hand database health check, upgrade/license/cloud assessments, migration assessments, lab testing and designing cloud architecture by incorporating proof of concepts, big data analytics and cloud infrastructure”, says Cherukuri.

The center also gives immediate access to the required services, apart from enabling clients to test products before procurement. Further, the Infolob clients would be receiving license assessments so as to define a strategic roadmap for their enterprises. There are successful attempts made at providing insightful advices to clients regarding investments on Oracle licensing, concerned consolidation opportunities in the database scheme and other related facts.

To summarize, the unique Oracle Excellence Center has evolved to be a key differentiator for the company, by facilitating result-oriented innovation, quick ramp up and extensive lab services for Oracle technologies.

Expansion Plans

Currently, Healthcare, Public Sector, Insurance, Retail and Finance serve as the source for majority of the firm’s income. As a result, these areas would remain the main industries of focus, apart from retail and insurance. Moreover, the next years would see the company developing their own products for software asset management and retail. Business development is going to be the biggest factor for Infolob, as acquisition plans are active for both the private and public sectors.

Infolob Solutions

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Vijay Cherukuri, CEO

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