infoLock Technologies: Helping Identify Data Security Risks and Strategies to Mitigate Threats

CIO VendorChris Wargo, Managing Partner
Visibility into the location and use of sensitive data is of utmost importance to today’s organizations. “The explosion of data, and the mobile workforce extending the security perimeter, is not a new topic. But the manner in which users consume data–on tablets, smartphones, laptops–and the proliferation of cloud service providers has greatly increased organizational risk. Today’s CIO lacks visibility and control over the movement of data across networks and out to the cloud,” says Chris Wargo, Managing Partner of infoLock Technologies. “The average CIO is unaware of the extent of this risk.”

Tackling this challenge is infoLock Technologies, a security consulting and system integration firm–and key Symantec security partner– headquartered outside of Washington, DC. “Originally focused on data loss prevention and encryption, we later expanded our coverage to include mobility, authentication, data center security, MPKI, and managed security solutions,” reveals Wargo. As a Symantec Platinum Partner and Symantec DLP Master Specialists, infoLock provides solutions and services that enable customers to identify, monitor, protect, and control access to sensitive and proprietary information. In addition to the Symantec security portfolio, their offerings include Managed DLP Services and the INSIGHT DLP Appliance.

“We are not just technologists; we’re business consultants. We promote data lifecycle security–helping our clients follow their data from cradle to grave, analyzing how it’s being used, where it’s being stored–and why,” says Wargo. It is this analysis that enables customers to understand the business processes behind data usage and the risks inherent in that usage. “So while everyone loves to say that they marry technical expertise with business acumen, we actually mean it,” he adds.

We are not just technologists; we’re business consultants. We promote data lifecycle security — helping our clients follow their data from cradle to grave

infoLock’s enhanced consulting service offerings go beyond technical system integration. For example, their DLP consulting services not only ensure a successful implementation of this complex solution but also help to build an organizational DLP program–a lasting engagement that optimizes application functionality, reduces risk profile, addresses new threats, and enhances business operations.

The company has been diligent in carving out a market niche and becoming experts in their category. “You have to decide what type of partner you will be to the vendor. Are you going to be a lead-generation company or a volume technology reseller? Or, are you are going to be technical experts focused on customer success,” notes Wargo. infoLock Technologies made a decision to develop an expertise in data loss prevention that few organizations can match and, as a result, Symantec leverages their product expertise to ensure successful DLP projects in the most challenging environments. “While we have broadened our solution expertise to cover the entire Symantec security portfolio, we’ve never done so at the risk of diluting our foundational expertise in DLP,” he adds.

“The way organizations and their employees use data will continue to evolve. And, our company will have to evolve with it, both in terms of the technologies we offer and the business consulting experience we bring to the table,” concludes Wargo. So, in a few year’s time, the company expects to be a bigger, better version of what it is today.

infoLock Technologies

Arlington, VA

Chris Wargo, Managing Partner

A security consulting and system integration firm focused on data lifecycle security.