Infomaze Technologies: Enhancing Print MIS and Web2Print Software Solutions

Vikash Bardia, CEO
The printing industry stands neck to neck with others on the availability of technology solutions. However, unlike other industries, most Print Management Information System solutions are desktop-based and customers often find it clumsy as managing multiple softwares consume time and energy. This is where Infomaze Technologies strives to make a difference.

Started in the year 2002, Infomaze Technologies initially grew as a web applications service and maintenance support provider for customers, until it met a U.K. based company which offered desktop-based Print MIS solutions. Having worked with some clients using desktop based solutions, Infomaze was introduced to the challenges associated with print technology sector. “If I had to provide support for desktop-based print analysis system, I had to use a third party software tool to get into their system and access data and figure out what issues the system had. This led to delay in support and loss in terms of servicing their end clients and/or production process. Further,these solutions required expensive hardware, upgradation, backup issues and lacked mobility. This lead to the idea of bringing cloud-based Web2Print management solutions for handling print data, along with managing multiple applications, backups, hosting, support all within a single solution,” affirms Vikash Bardia, Founder and CEO of Infomaze Technologies.

The company’s initial software package modelto small and medium businesses was an instant success. “When we launched our ready to use print software packages to small industry, we got immediate acceptance, mainly due to the affordable nature of the software and easy to use tools. And over the last 5years, we have spread our print software packages to larger businesses,” says Bardia.

Infomaze provides complete end-to-end print solutions, where each solution depicts many actors; actors ordering print requirements, actors creating an estimate and actors involved in print production. Through revolutionizing Print MIS software, the customer’s input will be stored in the right section of MIS system, reducing time on communication for production team to go back and forth on getting final approval from their clients. “Our system automatically divides the work into many segments and creates a systematic electronic job card, which helps to move and progress jobs from one system to another,” notes Bardia.
Thus, through this automation and control, the production team can focus more on production rather than planning. Infomaze also provides vendors many analytical reports to help businesses gain profit. “Our software has featured from advanced sharing to reporting to customizing to job management. This helps managers and production team in taking right decisions,” adds Bardia.

Bardia’s key business expertise is to provide round the clock services to customers, with a focus to deliver solutions that would improve clients’ business and bring value for money. “Most software companies develop their softwares to a certain point and concentrate only on providing support to customers with regards to that software. But at Infomaze, we always keep track on innovation part, as we are keen on bringing out new changes and improvements to existing software packages, such that customer experience is more enhanced,” he says.

To highlight a case study, a digital print shop major from Australia, chose the Infomaze’s ePrint MIS software package for their franchising, as Infomaze software had more tools and features than the one which was in use. “The client approached us with their project and within 6 months, we had successfully integrated Print MIS software to their business infrastructure. Our cloud-based print MIS software helped them in franchising, by segregating all the vital information in one place,” inputs Bardia.

We understand no software is perfect in the World, however, our solution is highly customizable and can be customized to suit company’s workflow. The fact that we listen to our customer and help tweak the system to suit their business needs is what makes us unique. Today our ePrint MIS solution works perfectly for Printing Companies (both digital, offset), Print Managers, Signage Printers and Companies dealing with Promotional Products.

Going forward, printing industry will get more and more competitive and the only means of surviving is for companies to meet the cost-deliverable model ratio. By making ePrint MIS software more accessible through BYOD devices, Bardia strongly believes to make Infomaze’s solutions more powerful, as they will provide the agility on the move.

Infomaze Technologies

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Vikash Bardia, CEO

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