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CIO VendorWayne King, CEO
In today’s rapidly advancing information business environment, the appropriate use of technology is a key element towards the success of any organization. Armed with the right tools to address this requirement is InfoMedia Systems Group (ISG), located in Ottawa, ON, offering companies a diverse suite of Information Management services and solutions to ensure organizations meet their technology goals to gain a competitive advantage.
ISG primarily provides companies with information management and strategy consulting, enterprise content management and records management, portal and web strategy development and deployment, enterprise social network monitoring and messaging infrastructure. The company also offers cloud-based solutions for instant messaging, document management and customer relationship management. Wayne King, CEO of ISG says, “Along with our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) deployment and configuration services, we have also developed our own methodology. Our methodology is an integral part of our management consulting and change management services, which help companies better manage and control their content management systems.”The firm caters to the needs of a number of Canadian government departments, which brings ISG the challenge of moving a large force from paper-based to electronic. The company has worked in collaboration with IBM on a Canadian government initiative to provide imaging services to five major departments.
King understands that getting value from unstructured content and generating information whether it is through analytics, management or workflow is a major pain point that companies across different verticals face. Besides these, regulatory and compliance, collaborative content management and taking advantage of existing systems pose a great challenge for many organizations. According to King, “ISG is a multidisciplined company in ECM technologies. It provides cloud services, and has expertise in collaboration and integration.”
One of ISG’s offerings, SMC4, enables marketing departments and advisors at financial services organizations to use social media to earn more business and gain customer loyalty, while still remaining compliant with regulatory as well as security requirements and corporate policy mandates.SMC4 with its comprehensive workflow ensures inward and outward social media communication following the same processes as emails, faxes and incoming post requests. SMC4 makes sure all social media communication remains compliant with company and government regulatory requirements, as well as controlling security requirements and corporate policy mandates. SMC4 can be offered as a turnkey Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, for easy implementation and low overhead, eliminating the need for in-house IT support.The company caters to organizations like OpenText, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and Ryerson University to name a few. One of ISGs case studies describes a utilities company having issues with engineering drawings benefiting greatly from ISG’s services. The client was unaware of the current versions and hence could not make them available to their customer. ISG involved them in a multifaceted engagement and helped them re-do their workflows by defining the main problem within business processes under content management. The client was then able to take all of their engineering drawings into a central location making the content available for every end customer. The client gained version control and reduced time of finding the content went from substantial amount of time to just one minute.

All the various changes occurring within technology has allowed ISG to evolve as a content management firm. “We identify and adapt to the current advances in technology and use these advances to provide innovative solutions to our clientele,” states King.

With a strong presence in Canada, ISG plans to expand its roots to the Caribbean. The firm envisions partnering with solutions and App builders in the near future to generate more powerful applications for mobile solutions.

InfoMedia Systems Group

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Wayne King, CEO

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