InfoPower: Democratizing the ERP Ecosystem

Dr. Prabir Dutt, CEO & President From redefining the rules of processing operations and information flows to synergizing the resources of an organization, ERPs have engraved their name in the history of businesses with golden letters. However, as the time has progressed, the market is flooded with innumerable ERPs that have made the job of finding an adequate one similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Info Power is among the few who created their own legacy with the help of an illustrious ERP suite, theirs being fxDBO. Distinguished with its established offerings and driven by the experience it houses, the story of InfoPower is one of growth, adaptation, and evolution with today’s rapidly changing business environment.

The foundation for InfoPower was laid by Dr. Prabir Dutt, a man with over 50 years of experience in the world of IT and ERP. Before starting the company and guiding it as its CEO and President, Dr. Dutt’s experience harboured at the bay of many prominent organizations such as IBM, HEC, Northern Telecom, and Xerox. “The significant expertise I garnered over the years taught me about the prevailing functional and technical challenges, which was essential for building InfoPower,” says Dr. Dutt. This viable knowledge was translated into fxDBO, InfoPower’s full-featured ERP/CRM/SCM software suite, equipped with a powerful and limitless Business Rules Engine for comprehensive policy, logic, and extremely rapid market response Management (BRMS) capability.

"fxDBO license fees ALWAYS include ALL the 70 modules of fxDBO, and they can be progressively implemented and activated by the customers at their discretion and as dictated by their business needs"

The Right Fit

Formed in the database environment of Oracle and IBM, fxDBO always had a stable bedrock to support its operations. “Over the course of years, InfoPower has continuously enhanced their PL/ SQL-based comprehensive core functionality, and together with their effort to remain compatible with IBM and Oracle framework, has allowed fxDBO to remain highly efficient and very secure,” says Dr. Dutt. “With such established technology at the backend, fxDBO has never ever manifested any lack of responsiveness, capacity, availability and reliability in its 30 years of working,” he adds. In these three long decades, InfoPower has successfully delivered and implemented fxDBO for its customers in various regions of North America, Europe, and Asia, and is still doing so today. Now, fxDBO is leveraged at more than 350 sites, where it provides ERP service at every level of corporate operations through its Business Rules driven flexibility and adaptable functionality. “With over 70 modules to empower, fxDBO works with a unique customer-centric approach that ensures a 100 percent fit to the customer’s needs, not only at implementation time, but well beyond into the foreseeable future for customers’ dynamic business,” says Dr. Dutt.

What makes fxDBO a first choice and, again, a perfect fit for the organizations is its versatile Cost Management features. These include a
full-featured activity-based costing system that, using the fxDBO rules engine, allows activity-specific indirect cost allocation capabilities. This is instrumental in accurate cost analysis to determine value and non-value-added activities with direct impact on business profitability. This function is also essential to carry out effective Activity-Based Budgeting

Built To Suit Everyone

The journey of InfoPower’s fxDBO started in 1985 at the doors of a small manufacturing firm based in Ontario, Canada. Over the years, a myriad of enterprises from different industries became a colorful part of the company’s clientele. Today, the timeline of InfoPower is pinned with organizations of all sizes coming from the manufacturing, aerospace, defence, food distribution, supply chain, construction and finance verticals. One of fxDBO’s success stories begins with a customer who needed a warehouse management with a streamlined supply chain control and leveraged fxDBO to optimize their daily shipment of 50-60,000 telephone books. “Using fxDBO’s rules-based order processing configuration, the customer was able to ship the orders with all correct information such as billing and dispatch address information of around 35,000 orders immediately first thing in the morning, allowing them time to process orders with issues subsequently without disrupting their shipping flow” says Dr. Dutt. This also included activating fxDBO’s rules-based strategies for managing pick and replenishment processes along with the appropriate stratification of the warehouse and stocking locations. To recall a similar situation, a firm in Hong Kong delivered services to a diverse customer base – from hotels and apartment buildings to individual consumers – and the monthly billing took almost three weeks at the end of every month. This was due to intricate pricing schemes and periodically changing pricing strategies.

By using the product pricing supported in fxDBO’s rules engine, the customer was able to reduce the billing cycle to one day at the first of the next month. Additionally, thanks to fxDBO’s ability to effectively control pricing strategies, the sales department now had the freedom to negotiate longer terms or customer-specific pricing without limitations, giving the firm a significant competitive advantage. fxDBO did all of this and more—and has even been known for its deliverance of Lifecycle Management support to the Aerospace and Defense landscape through its advanced configuration functions.

The fxDBO Rules Engine forms an integral part of the software and is available to all customers at no extra cost

Change or Become Obsolete

The only constant in today’s business environment is change. A corporation strives to change their practices as soon as an innovative,
nascent technology takes the helm.

As the tech reality of today goes on to say: If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less – It is highly prudent that enterprise embrace the new technologies with open arms. It shows how the rapidly changing dynamics of doing business is calling executives to make fast decisions and implement flexible, scalable products for IT and otherworkflow operations. fxDBO, with its unique Rules Engine, can incorporate the needful changes in a matter of minutes or hours, a feature that is practically unavailable in the general ERP landscape. InfoPower has invested heavily to shape their ERP platform and make it adaptable to the changing landscape, making it the best possible purchase for most organizations today. “The fxDBO Rules Engine forms an integral part of the software and is available to all customers at no extra cost,” exclaims Dr. Dutt. This ability to offer aggressive pricing due to InfoPower’s low overhead has enabled the company to become a distinguished figure among its many competitors. With fxDBO, InfoPower is competing effectively in the market by providing vastly superior functionality and flexibility together with TCO for customers at 25 to 50 percent of the competitors’ costs.

As the potential for espousal is derived with the core capabilities of the available database’s (Oracle 11g/12c, IBM DB2 10.5) language, PL/SQL (Oracle), SQL/PL (IBM DB2), and any customer-specific modification remains completely agnostic to standard technology and any other factors-based periodic fxDBO software upgrades. Customers are also given the ability to make an effortless transition from their old database technology using a tool such as SQL*XL to fxDBO (Oracle version). It’s an easy and fast process to enact, as all it requires is the availability of the current data in an Excel spreadsheet. “In spite of having over 70 modules with powerful features, fxDBO has less than 1500 tables (a very large and expensive competitor has over hundreds of thousands) that make the transitions to fxDBO fairly simple,” says Dr. Dutt. Apart from the ingrained flexibility and rapid adaptability that eliminates any software functional obsolescence, fxDBO also conforms to the current, evolving market-defined policies, which allows customers to custom configure all the modules exactly according to their needs now and continuously into the future.

No Limitations

In 2014, InfoPower made innovative upgrades in fxDBO to create a browser-based, deployable solution for both cloud and hybrid environments. With these changes, customers can harness the benefits of fxDBO according to their scaling strategies and resolve any security concerns associated with cloud-based ERP implementation.

After establishing a firm foothold in the current contemporary landscape, InfoPower is now moving forward with a vision to provide the market with an ERP system that is in many ways superior to existing products, many of which are exorbitantly priced and thus practically guarantees unattainable positive ROI. “We are planning to partner with commendable implementers, system integrators, and consulting organizations so that InfoPower can offer fxDBO, which has no limitations to its expertise,” concludes Dr. Dutt.


Ontario, Canada

Dr. Prabir Dutt, CEO & President

InfoPower is the developer of ERP Applications Suite software fx DBO, which provides comprehensive enterprise solutions for various industry segments