Information Builders: Building Data Management Solutions

Gerald D. Cohen, President & CEO
With the advent of business intelligence and the analytics that revolves around it, Hadoop has been the buzzword floating in the data science sphere for a while now. Not only is it scalable and reliable, it provides cost effective storage solutions too. However, the sheer cost and knowledge base required for implementation of the developer tools and user interfaces along with the professional skill required to maintain the same, has made organizations think twice before making Hadoop, the centerpiece of their big data strategy.

Meet Information Builders, a pioneer that is leading the way in the data analytics arena, since its inception forty years ago. Headquartered in New York, the firm was started when the idea of business intelligence did not even gain any prominence.

Setting out on a mission to nullify the challenges presented by Hadoop, they have devised a product par excellence. iWay Hadoop Data Manager offers innovative and easy-to-use solutions that simplify the workflow in this arena. By eliminating native Hadoop coding, the product enables a quicker response to business requirements, enhancing overall productivity.

Through its iWay Hadoop Data Manager, Information Builders ensure reduction of complexity, and cost of training, thereby equipping their customers with better data integration solutions. It assists data integration tasks in Hadoop, which includes ingestion, transformation, and cleansing. Organizations are presented with a plethora of choices that caters to their need of data analysis and processing. President, CEO, and co-founder of the company Gerald D. Cohen has always been a visionary, passionate about breaking down complex procedures and simplifying it. During his days as an Operation Research Engineer, he formulated a fourth generation language named FOCUS to streamline processes in COBOL. It was with this zeal and determination, he laid the foundation for his organization, which continues to excel.

“Information Builders is committed to helping organizations construct information systems that provide game-changing results and tremendous competitive advantage,” says Cohen. He continues to work in a direction that encompasses skillset nurturing, leadership building, and innovation that in turn translates to superlative customer service for his clients.

Information Builders is committed to helping organizations construct information systems that provide game-changing results and tremendous competitive advantage

Information Builders’s continued excellence in the analytics landscape coupled with innovative technology-driven approaches has led to a strong customer base. Information Builders has paved its way through most of the sectors that include construction, technology services, education, health services, publishing, and many more.

After struggling to streamline chunks of patient data with conventional data analytics solutions, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre, one of Information Builders’s clients came across iWay Hadoop Data Manager. Now, “Our users spend more time analyzing data and less time fighting it,” says Stephanie Dennon, Fred Hutchinson’s Financial System Analyst.

Whilst companies track their current growth, it is imperative for them to brainstorm roadmaps for future growth and development. Information Builders has an impressive and simple plan to sustain ‘ups and down’ in impending years. They understand that their business is mostly engaged in information handling. On the business intelligence side, they aim to deliver information to humans while from the perspective of integration of affairs, they are set to continue delivering information to other systems and processes.

Data handling is becoming more difficult with each passing day due to the increase in the packets of data that is being processed. In today’s world, data analytics has gained impetus, and thrives to find solution to these challenges. Simplifying technology associated with it is the need-of-the-hour and that is what Information Builders brings to the table.

Information Builders

New York, NY

Gerald D. Cohen, President & CEO

Provides Hadoop-based data analytics solutions to its customers