Information Innovators Inc.: Visualizing Geospatial Data

Steve Ikirt, Founder, President & CEO
Today, organizations leveraging GIS technology need the ability to instantly search and extract their geospatial data on-demand, for understanding the true potential of their resources. For hassle-free sharing, coordination, and management of geospatial information, Information Innovators Inc. (Triple-i), a Virginia-based GIS technology firm, delivers Intelligence and Geospatial services to its clients to help them in transforming data into actionable, visual insights. The service collects data from disparate sources, analyzes, and visualizes it in Google Maps interface. The visuals created with Intelligence and Geospatial services are completely synchronized with the client’s database and updated regularly.

Triple-i delivers Multiple Information Model Synthesis Architecture (MIMOSA) incorporating predictive analysis and anomaly detection capabilities. The Predictive Analytics and System Engineering Services are delivered to numerous customers within the Defense community. The company provides the complete service lifecycle including working with the customer to gather and define requirements, designing and developing the system, and successfully delivering the final product. The architecture features Predictive Geospatial Intelligence that leverages data mining strategies in conjunction with geospatial data sets to make predictions on discovering an area of improvement or interest from the patterns obtained from the data. The solution’s design extracts essential information and brings together a complete view of the geographical space.

Once, a federation of executive branch agencies and organizations conducting intelligence activities for protecting the national security of the U.S. had to improve their rate of target detection. The federation also needed a reduction in personnel time expenditure at the task and therefore implemented MIMOSA to eliminate up to 95 percent of the search area in order to help analysts determine the possible sites for a specific target type. The solution improved the customer’s detection rate by 500 percent and at the same time, reduced the number of staff focused exclusively on search by 70 percent. MIMOSA evaluated and algorithmically processed the training sets against multiple geospatial data layers. With internal Model Merge capability, MIMOSA created a single probabilistic likelihood map, thereby delivering a detailed view for analysts to find targets.

MIMOSA features Predictive Geospatial Intelligence that leverages data mining strategies in conjunction with geospatial data sets to make predictions on discovering an area of improvement

Triple-i focuses on different varieties of application type and problem sets including GIS-based systems, web service and SOA-based systems, applying predictive intelligence, text mining, and natural language processing (NLP). The firm’s expertise in software development ranges from rapid prototyping, proof-of-concept systems to developing and deploying production ready, mission-focused applications.

Being one of the Google Enterprise Partners, Triple-i specializes in Google Maps Application Programming Interface (API) and can create a web-based tool for its customers to visualize data and manipulate it as per their requirement. These map visualizations help organizations to spot trends, plan marketing campaigns, and identify how to better serve their customers or constituents. The tool is also beneficial for many sectors where visualizing data by geographic location to identify public health emergencies, weather phenomenon, real-time traffic, and location-based purchases and services is necessary. The web-based solution provides a platform for users to locate several assets and services such as office locations, mass transit maps, healthcare, and public assistance.

In the years to come, Triple-i will be focusing on improving their solutions and services by incorporating the latest image processing technologies. The company has plans to benefit its federal customers by predicting the rising necessities in technology and helping them achieve their vision with innovative solutions and reliable services.

Information Innovators Inc

Springfield, VA

Steve Ikirt, Founder, President & CEO

Information Innovators Inc. (Triple-i) provide solutions to solve federal government’s toughest challenges cost-effectively while modernizing their systems