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With much of today's discovery established in massive amounts of data conveyed across an assortment of channels, businesses and scientists struggle to locate and share necessary resources and skills to produce effective business results. Organizations are under pressure to embrace the concept of “doing more with less” in lowering costs and embracing innovation, with an increasing amount of vast data pools and how to really use the data to accelerate discovery. “IMC’s solutions allow clients to use information as a strategic asset and enable them to make better decisions, improve service levels, reduce risk and manage compliance,” says Sudhakar V. Shenoy, CEO, IMC. IMC delivers performance-based custom and packaged technology solutions and services. Pharma and Life Sciences companies rely on IMC’s solutions to add measurable value to their bottom line. The companies also count on them to be creative in the design of solutions to their specific business problems. “Our services are analogous to ‘Lego building’ as we are building on top of already existing software. We, therefore, are very cognizant of trends in technology, such as social media, content analytics, mobile devices, and cloud computing, which have given rise to entirely new ways of looking at business applications,” adds Shenoy.

IMC has served healthcare organizations, public health institutions, and pharmaceutical companies to manage their vast amounts of clinical data in a better way. Their industry experts provide solutions for timely data standardization and efficient medical records management and help promote efficacy through accelerated drug discovery and patient diagnostics. IMC has helped a number of customers in federal government and commercial space through software product development,testing and full lifecycle support of web applications. IMC Patient Safety Reporting applications enable field medical professionals to observe patients and clinical trial participants in real-time for Serious Adverse Events (SAEs). IMC has also developed the Serious Adverse Event Tracking and Reporting System(SAETRS)to meet regulatory requirements for detecting and reporting SAEs that can occur during clinical research. IMC Data Visualization and Analysis applications allow research institutions and pharmaceutical companies to draw insights and correlations from vast quantities of patient clinical and genomic data to support cases for drug discovery and drug device validation.
IMC partners with the federal government in developing nonclinical and clinical data management repositories, collecting data from multiple universities and pharma companies. Apart from the government, they work with universities and pharmaceutical organizations, supporting the collaboration of all the communities and providing the ability to share resources, accelerate research operations, and produce objects with high enduring value. For the National Institutes of Health, IMC developed and managed enterprise content management services, based on OpenText Content Server interfaces. The server incorporates rich metadata annotation of structured and unstructured data and provides source information to workflow applications based on user community input and adoption. They have also developed a web accessible repository of genomic study results that supported collaboration among academic and commercial research communities based on user interface tools to find and compare genomic experiment data. The analysis screens allowed users to perform absolute and comparative analysis of gene chip data and export the results in several commonly used formats.

Combining leading technologies with IMC service offerings, clients can identify, consolidate, standardize, and modernize their infrastructures

IMC has been in business for almost 35 years. “We have always had growth in almost every one of those years and anticipate keeping the successful formula in the future,” asserts Shenoy. IMC plans to continue focusing on content management applications, which is growing three to four times the rate of other kinds of data. “Most of our customers are seeing the need for content analytics and mining for better business outcomes,” he concludes.

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Sudhakar Shenoy, CEO

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