Infosgroup: Simplifying the Implementation Processes of Oracle Technologies

Sergio Orrego, President
Today, organizations operate in a digitalized world that is sustained by middleware solutions and business applications. Helping companies to stay relevant in this digitally empowered space are Oracle’s broad and comprehensive technology suites. However, they are often thwarted by the complexity of implementing them. Hailing from Panama, Infosgroup has partnered with Oracle to help companies implement and manage the best-of-breed and latest offerings by the tech giant. “Our solutions are designed with the user experience in mind, so that our customers can choose them for the simplicity and business value they get from us,” says Sergio Orrego, President, Infosgroup.

With cloud technology increasingly becoming the preferred mode for delivery and operating module of various Oracle technology suites, Infosgroup too is moving in this direction, having completely re-designed their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions with modern cloud computing capabilities. “Today we offer mature solutions using the latest cloud-enabled Oracle technology, like the Oracle Database 12c and the Oracle Middleware, and developed with tools like Oracle APEX and Oracle ADF,” cites Orrego.

Partners with Oracle since 1999, and Gold partners since 2010, Infosgroup was the first firm based in Central America to obtain the Oracle Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM) specializations. “We help our clients implement the Oracle SOA and BPM Suites, and the consultancy and training to discover, design, and manage their services and processes,” Orrego remarks. They also offer integration consultancy and design services to their corporate clients, especially for those in the Telecom, Financial Services and Government sectors. Leveraging their relationship with Oracle as an Application Specific partner, they offer their clients a discounted Oracle price list to obtain solutions based on the complete Oracle stack of technologies. “This gives our customers the confidence to invest in our solutions which are based on the most reliable and secure platform in the market today, and a guarantee that it will remain so in the future,” claims Orrego.

We help our clients implement the Oracle SOA and BPM Suites, and the consultancy and training to discover, design, and manage their services and processes

Infosgroup’s work with a major port in Panama exhibits their technology expertise and rich industry experience to successfully implement Oracle technology for their clients. As one of the biggest ports in the Panama Canal area, employing more than four thousand employees with variable incomes and working 24x7 shifts, they required an efficient system to pay each of their workers reliably and on time. Moreover, they also needed to comply with hundreds of union and government rules and policies. “Since 2003, this gigantic operation relies on Infosgroup’s payroll solution and Oracle technology to make this critical process practically invisible to the workforce,” exclaims Orrego. This helped the port’s workforce to concentrate on their duties, with the confidence that they will receive their due amount every two weeks without delay and with improved accuracy.

As a technology solution provider for big corporations and government organizations, staying agile and relevant in the technology front is imperative. “We understand the particular needs of our customers and deliver solutions for those needs faster than anybody else,” asserts Orrego. Differentiating themselves from their competitors by not just providing technology as an innovative solution vendor, they also provide their clients with complementary high value services like consultancy, design, project management, training, and even development and technical personnel augmentation when necessary. “Having created a reputation as a reliable and successful HCM solutions provider, our next step is to provide mobile and cloud workforce solutions to lead our clients to an almost complete decentralized HR management with minimal IT department dependency,” concludes Orrego.


Panama, Ancon

Sergio Orrego, President

Provides companies with easy implementation of Oracle technology suites by incorporating latest cloud-computing capabilities into their solutions

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