Infosys Lodestone: Delivering Excellence with Profitable Business Strategy

Jürgen Bauer, Partner and Member of the Executive Board, Global LS Leade
The life sciences industry is going through a turbulent phase of change derived from increased regulation, lower margins and new technology trends. Infosys Lodestone, a global management consultancy embarks upon these growing problems through their concept of Value Integration™—in order to help transform the supply chain, reduce time and cost for research and development with latest technologies and better deployment of enterprise applications.

Founded by Ronald Hafner, Jürgen Bauer and Peter Ödman, ‘Lodestone’ embodies the original compass stone used for navigation during Galileo’s time, symbolizing the company for navigating the ‘unfamiliar’ while keeping a direction and achieving a balance between objectives. Serving clients across more than 30 countries, Infosys Lodestone delivers business value through consultations on the strategies and process optimization along with IT transformations.

The company offers services including business transformation excellence—enabling organizations to deliver maximum benefits by modifying their business processes and tools; and IT excellence—assisting clients coalesce IT value to their business needs. For the life sciences and pharma sector, the company’s expertise addresses the key aspects across the core value chain from strategy through technology.

Infosys Lodestone’s assistance is enhanced upon several stages of R&D, operations, distribution, marketing and sales and services. The end to end services help address the pharma industries’ challenges to bring in personalized medicines, generics and bio-similars while maintaining regulatory barriers under real cost pressure.

The firm is committed to provide consultations on digital health excellence, big data analytics, supply chain transformation, R&D productivity and enterprise applications, to let industry overcome the emerging challenges.

Specializing in systems integration and IT strategy, and having more than 2 decades of experience in management consulting, Jürgen Bauer, Partner and Global Head of Life Sciences Consulting says, “We pioneer in breaking down the barriers between strategy and execution, delivering the clients superior business value through guidance on the profitable strategy with respect to IT-enabled alterations.” The company achieves this by combining excellent process with SAP skills and in-depth experience of business transformational changes.

Our goal is to enable our clients develop practical, outcome-based solutions that meet the ever-growing and changing needs of the global economy

Infosys Lodestone differentiates itself from its competitors with a unique strategy for solutions to business complexities. “We have a consulting-led approach towards identifying critical shareholder-value levers and driving growth by tightly linking business consulting with enterprise solution delivery,” says Bauer. “Our uniqueness in addressing complex business and IT challenges through the blend of industry, process and system expertise makes us distinct from other business consultancy providers.”

The capability of the company is uniquely demonstrated in today’s only available SAP based solution for Clinical Trials Supply Management, which tackles some of the most complex Supply Chain challenges in a pharmaceutical organization.

Infosys Lodestone caters to a multitude of industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing and financial services among others. Projecting Infosys Lodestone’s effective service is the success story of Sandoz, a generics life sciences company that develops, manufactures and markets off-patent medicines, as well as life sciences and biotechnological ingredients. Infosys Lodestone helped the client define operating business model and process design through SAP and acted as a domain lead for operators, SCM along with development global plot implementations and roll-out projects. It also assisted the client in the core development of their technology.

Addressing the rising demand for the company, Bauer foresees the company’s potential future, “The fast growth of Infosys Lodestone and the demand from our clients to take over bigger responsibilities has led us to the transaction with Infosys. Being a part of Infosys, the company now has the ability to leverage global delivery model and other services to offer our clients a broader range of services.”

Infosys Lodestone

Zurich, Switzerland

Jürgen Bauer, Partner and Member of the Executive Board, Global LS Leade and Ronald Hafner, Partner & CEO & Jim Williams, Partner, LS Lead North America

A management consultancy entrusted with offering designed solutions to overcome the business transformation complexities