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Brad Miller, Founder and CEO
Brad Miller has always looked at life “outside the box,” questioning the logic of why things are done in a certain way. His inquisitive nature drove him to start Infotech Global Services—an IT Consulting & Staffing firm countering the staffing challenges in the retail sector. As founder and CEO of Infotech Global Services, Miller says, “Our talent management experts help retail clients to staff their mission critical IT projects with the right talent at the right time, location and price.”

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the company’s staffing services model includes assisting clients with full time openings or augmenting their current IT projects with temporary contract staffing services. “We are unique in a way that, whether our retail clients need one ‘highly skilled’ developer or a team of ‘expert consultants,’ we help our clients execute every facet of the IT project right from design to delivery. We achieve this by proactively staying connected to an extensive global network of highly specialized, skilled and certified IT experts. We are very adept at assembling cross functional teams across a wide spectrum of IT and industry-related needs,” states Miller.

In the evolving retail spectrum of Omni–channel marketing, Big Data analytics, and M-commerce, Hiring Managers are facing acute trained labor shortage to manage the projects in the pipeline. Meanwhile, the consumer spend in the retail sector is attaining huge proportions accounting for approximately 65 percent of the GDP. Retailers are analyzing almost every consumer action that takes place in purchasing a product or service today. The vast data on consumer purchase patterns analyzed in real-time help enhance the shopping experience and eventually boost sales. Retailers have a common goal to make the purchase transaction as simple as possible while still being able to collect data and stay on top of the consumer landscape. The staffing challenges required to achieve this goals are creating hurdles for companies by stifling productivity and strategic based initiatives.
“At Infotech Global Services, we ensure our consultants are not only working on advanced projects but are continually undergoing training, and obtaining industry leading certifications and skills to keep them highly marketable for our clients,” states Miller.

We ensure that our consultants continually train and obtain industry leading certifications and skills to keep them highly marketable for our clients

Several retailers are exploring on premise monitoring that track their loyal customers and push advertising to their mobile devices while in the store to increase the likelihood of a transaction. Retailers are increasingly engaging the consumer through their mobile platforms, quickly realizing that mobile devices can offer a multichannel experience that engages the customer and enables hassle free shopping. “To leverage this opportunity, we have been partnering and working with a few retail start-ups that have solutions to help retailers’ better keep a pulse on their customers and various business lines. The cost of rolling out new mobile solutions that integrate and leverage existing infrastructure is miniscule compared to previous enterprise level solutions. Retailers need to quickly adapt to these changes or they will find themselves losing market share,” says Miller.

Over a decade of strong relationships forged with top retailers has served a dual purpose for the company. “This not only allows our consultants to work on industry leading projects, but also keeps their experience and skills in demand to help expand our client base. There is no better way to achieve this other than by successfully delivering strategic engagement for your clients,” concludes Miller.

Infotech Global Services

San Francisco, CA

Brad Miller, Founder and CEO

Provides IT consulting and staffing solutions for the financial services, healthcare, and retail sectors.