InfoTrellis: Next Generation 360 Degree Customer View For Omni-Channel and Customer Journey

Mahmood Abbas, CEO & Co-Founder
Moving beyond just experimentation, enterprises are now accepting big data as a significant business asset for better decision making. However, big data on it’s own provides no real value. It must be cleansed, integrated and governed. To help enterprises meet this need, InfoTrellis matches customer databases to big data for a trusted and comprehensive 360 degree customer view that is a critical component in supporting real-time omni-channel and analytics initiatives. Customers use a variety of touchpoints such as dot-com, web-chat, social, email, mobile, brick and mortar and more to transact with enterprises and for support. “InfoTrellis’ advanced contextual matching stiches all of this data together to support the customer journey across channels,” says Mahmood Abbas, CEO and Co-founder, InfoTrellis.

InfoTrellis’ AllSight ConnectID, a comprehensive big data application, provides big data analytics with a comprehensive and current customer view. With rich customer data, it helps enterprises personalize their offerings to enhance sales, profits, and customer satisfaction. “Imagine using Google-like searching to find customers and create segments in real-time to supporting marketing in response to some external event. Imagine a representative talking to a customer that had a web chat with a different agent only 5 minutes ago… and having the full context of that web chat to better and more efficiently support that customer,” states Abbas. “These are just two examples of what AllSight ConnectID delivers.”

This is all made possible by the product’s ability to adapt to an enterprise’s definition of a customer and it’s innovative contextual matching engine. It goes beyond using probabilistic matching on traditional data points like names and addresses and it brings many other data points like transaction data and unstructured interaction data into its algorithms.
“We look at what people say to you, when they say it, who they say it to, where they said it and even why they said it. This is why we refer to it as contextual matching and it is unique in the marketplace,” says Abbas.

You cannot trust metrics on BI reports or results of using big data in general if you don’t trust the data itself. AllSight ConnectID was built from the ground up with data quality and data governance as a key requirement. It provides reports and dashboards on the data including “Data Quality Analysis Trends”, “Match Metrics Trends”, “Data Change Trends”, “SLA Attainment” reports and more. This provides great insight into the data so that it can be properly goverened. “If you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it,” says Abbas.

InfoTrellis’ advanced contextual matching stiches all of this data together to support the customer journey across channels

InfoTrellis has a very strong heritage in customer data management. They were the original architects fifteen years ago for a customer Master Data Management (MDM) product that is still recognized as the leader by industry analysts. They have capitalized on their data integration, data quality and data governance disciplines combined with experience partnering with numerous Fortune 500 companies to create AllSight ConnectID. “Any organization that wants to be serious about supporting omni-channel needs ConnectID. It is the only viable solution that can connect the data combined with analytics to support the customer journey."


Austin, TX

Mahmood Abbas, CEO & Co-Founder

Provides products and strategic consulting for the next generation of customer data management for omni-channel support.

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