Infovie: Next Generation Enterprise Security

Infovie: Next Generation Enterprise SecurityRahul Guha, CEO
In the wake of digitalization, where companies are expanding not only across infrastructures but also across borders, critical business data stands exposed to a wide array of sophisticated security threats. In this scenario, there is an increasing demand for enterprise-grade security solutions that take a holistic approach to safeguard the infrastructure and assets. Providing data security as part of its enterprise services portfolio, Infovie strives to aid companies to thrive through compliance-and standards-driven approach. With an aim to deliver adequate security solutions that are compliant with regulatory policies, Infovie engages with companies leveraging its unique ‘consult, architect, and deliver’ (CAD) strategy. With data security becoming the key ingredient for the success of an enterprise, Infovie designs and deploys integrated security solutions that align with the client’s goals. The company acts as an extended team of its clients with a high ownership level and ensures that the solutions it develops are in sync with their short- and long-term objectives. As a solution integrator, Infovie addresses the significant security predicaments of its clients with its broad spectrum of security capabilities; thereby enabling clients to take calculated risks. Infovie not only protects the most critical business assets but also allows clients to achieve consistency, scalability, transparency in their business.

Infovie offers cutting-edge security solutions that work at various levels, including network, end-points, and cloud. These capabilities make the company well-positioned to cater to the hybrid cloud technology requirements of today’s companies. The company brings to the table a consolidated approach to provide unique solutions for e-mail security, mobile device management, and intrusion detection to name a few. At the outset of every client interaction, Infovie’s experienced IT experts conduct an in-depth analysis—as part of their CAD strategy—to discover and draw a roadmap of the clients’ transition to the cloud. Understanding the complexities at a deep infrastructure level the team designs a unified tailor-made solution to address the unique challenges of the client.
“We explore our partner network to zero in on the right design for our client’s needs,” says Rahul Guha, CEO, Infovie. Persistent on making its solution better with each passing day, the company continually comprehends various use cases to keep the clients ahead of changing market environments. As a force multiplier, Infovie deploys the required solutions while making sure that the client’s data lifecycle is optimized.

Despite the exponential surge in complexities and regulations, we deliver security-first solutions by continuously re-inventing our existing offerings

What makes Infovie best-in-class is its continued engagement with clients. By communicating with mid-level and C-level personnel directly, Infovie comprehends risks better and delivers solutions that allow clients to improve their performance. Infovie incorporates best practices, updating its procedures and technologies frequently, to ensure clients get the most from the latest technologies with minimal investments.

Infovie’s suite of forward-thinking solutions revitalizes the IT strategy of a client and directs resources on the right path. With a diverse clientele across several verticals including healthcare and financial services, through the years Infovie has organically grown many-folds. “Despite the exponential surge in complexities and regulations, we deliver security-first solutions by continuously re-inventing our existing offerings,” affirms Guha.

Amid the massive success in the U.S., Infovie has extended its branches to Canada this year. “We aim to serve organizations across several geographies including the UK, Continental Europe, South Asia, and the Asia Pacific in the upcoming days,” concludes Guha.


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Rahul Guha, CEO

Offers consolidated best-in class security solutions built through a unique client engagement strategy to all industries