InfoWatch: Offering Effective Reprisal Measures In the Security Domain

Natalya Kaspersky, the CEO
Based on the analysis from a leading technology firm, the year 2012 had witnessed 934 publicly known data leaks. The increasing number in the data leaks has seen an exponential growth year after year and the statistics for the year 2013 stands at a whopping 1143 confidential information leaks.

Top nations possessing the greatest IT wealth that is US, Russia, and the United Kingdom (which are among the top five) have witnessed the maximum amount of data compromise. Technology firms who have registered these data breaches in these countries also happen to be the leading provider of security solutions in the same domain. Coming to the aid of such firms is InfoWatch which is a group of innovative technology companies focused on developing and providing cutting-edge comprehensive technologies and services dedicated to Data Loss Prevention & Protection,

Intellectual Property Protection, Customer Experience and Reputation Management, as well as Risk Management and Compliance solutions. Founded in the year 2003, it already has conquered 45 percent of the Russian and CIS data leakage prevention (DLP) software market and is rapidly expanding its presence in the Europe, Middle East and Asia. With high technology expertise and hands-on experience in implementing highly sophisticated projects, the firm has found traction in the financial, government, power and energy, telecommunications and other sectors.

A Comprehensive Security Package

The firm’s products on offer are designed to handle highly critical corporate data. It works to protect it from being leaked or inappropriately shared. Its flagship product, InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is developed for offering protection for enterprises against internal threats: loss of intellectual information, collusions, internal offenders, industrial espionage; identifying suspicious behavior of employees, and also providing evidence base for subsequent prosecution of offenders.
The firm also offers a cloud based service for automated social media monitoring and analysis InfoWatch Kribrum which is a blogosphere monitoring solution allowing automated monitoring of social media to identify trends in public opinion, analyze certain predefined subjects to improve company reputation and market positions.

The last of its current services, InfoWatch’s EndPoint Security offers a contemporary level of security solution for enterprises facing variety of threats, liability risks and data losses. Based on the innovative C.A.F.E(Control, Audit, Filter, and Encryption) management principle, the solution offers to control user access to sensitive data, provisions a full audit for user activities, separates and blocks uncritical data from critical data and encrypts authorized data protecting against intentional data theft.

‘DLP’ as a Service

The firm differentiates itself in offering DLP (Data Loss Prevention) as a service when most of its competitors still offer it as software. According to Natalya Kaspersky, the CEO of InfoWatch,

“We implement DLP as a process by understanding the confidentiality of the information; we analyze and categorize information before we actually serve to data leakages and internal security threats”. InfoWatch plans to release its new solution PDP(Personal Data Protector), a solution offering integrated data control policies and document templates containing different types of personal data which tackles the task of securing personal data. With an exciting road map ahead for 2014 and already serving the esteemed clients in Volkswagen, Deutsche Telecom, Raiffeisen Bank and Sukhoi, the InfoWatch Group is poised to be the unbeatable leader in the security domain.


Moscow, Russia

Natalya Kaspersky, the CEO

A provider of technologies for protection of sensitive and regulated information against a wide range of data loss risks and other major internal threats.