InfraScience: Decoding the Science of Infrastructure for World-wide Enterprises

Jeff Meyer, Co-founder & CEO
Technology involves investing in repeatable, proven methodologies to count on predictable, measurable project benefits. InfraScience, a 2014 Finalist in the Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year awards - small and medium business is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, and delivers proven infrastructure expertise with a range of solutions for mid-sized businesses and world-wide enterprises. Derived from the combination of “infrastructure” and “science”, ‘InfraScience’ refers to the underlying foundation or basic framework, as of a system or organization science. The company’s approach is based on the belief that infrastructure initiatives follow a repeatable pattern or cycle over a certain period of time.

InfraScience thrives with five primary areas of technology. These include; Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions, Unified Communications, Application Infrastructure, Systems Management, and Enterprise Project Management. IAM services help in providing value from active directory inside the client’s organization. By lowering the total cost of ownership for many systems and mitigating security risks related to information sharing, IAM assists in increasing operational efficiency of businesses. Unified Communications involves expertise in the areas of collaboration, messaging, and integration of Cloud-based services into the communications architecture. Application Infrastructure provides a collaborative platform for workflow, document management, and a development platform for business applications. From high level project oversight to hands on management of projects, the Enterprise Project Management team partners with the client to ensure project success.

“The organizations that we work with have a lot of Microsoft infrastructure, most of which supports the primary business applications. We help customers tune them, migrate to newer versions or deploy entirely new infrastructure on premise or in the Cloud to support the business,” explains Jeff Meyer, CEO and Co-Founder of InfraScience. With over 25 years of experience in evaluating and deploying IT infrastructure architectures, Meyer charts the company’s direction and service offerings.

The company offers deployment planning services in an organized approach to review system workloads and capitalize on software-based communications.
InfraScience helps to reduce costs, automate roll-outs, and raise the bar on user confidence in IT transformation. The benefits of deployment include reduced administration tasks and understanding the importance of new operating systems before implementing it.

In an interesting example, InfraScience helped a bottling company that had 4,500 employees across 15 locations in the U.S. to integrate with their parent company that provided the marketing and technology for the drinks they make. “We worked with the company to integrate Active Directory by including peer organizations around the world and upgrading all of their internal information from the perspective of collaboration, e-mail, and device management,” says Meyer.

Another primary area of InfraScience, Systems Management and Virtualization, uses tools and technologies to solve business initiatives including Bring Your Own Device/Data (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Application (BYOA). For example, investing in SharePoint is very popular and growing in many organizations, Meyer says. Though it is user-friendly, the infrastructure that supports this system is often not designed to be scalable or to meet business needs. InfraScience implements enterprise-scale SharePoint environments and provides tools for effective management so clients can react to dynamics by keeping it functioning well for their business.

In the words of Meyer, “Complexity drives a need for guidance. Our mission is to guide our clients towards realizing the ROI in Microsoft technology. Going forward, we will continue to create a deep relationship with our existing clients and extend our reach to other regions.”

We help clients design, deploy, integrate, and optimize Microsoft solutions to support the business. Our goal is to maximize the return on their Microsoft investment


Alpharetta, GA

Jeff Meyer, Co-founder & CEO

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