Infuse Consulting: Game-Changing Solutions for Application Testing and Oracle Infrastructure Validation

Nalin Parbhu, CEO
Businesses need to be agile in order to survive in the competitive arena. However, organizations today demand privacy protection, while also expecting flexibility and simplicity in the applications delivered. As recent technologies such as cloud, virtualization, and mobility enable business owners to respond faster to market demands, they also expect solutions without sacrificing control over quality and reliability. Software always needs to be tested and today test automation is key to delivering applications reliably and quickly. Recognizing these challenges, Infuse Consulting, a global IT services company, provides a unique approach to testing enterprise applications such as ERP/CRM. The key objective of Infuse is to industrialize the delivery of testing through automation, standardization and repeatability. Infuse works with tech-giants like Oracle and leading global system integrators to help them deliver consistent quality on testing projects.

Infuse’s flagship product useMango™ is a scriptless automated test tool that enables you to quickly implement the benefits of test automation, without the need for expensive test resources.

useMango™ works automatically creating a full library of reusable components via a scanner, that map directly to the application screens, irrespective of customization. It allows test automation to be in sync with development changes, without the need for scripting.

“useMango™ offers a library of pre-built components for applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion, ERP/ CRM and Web applications,” states Nalin Parbhu, CEO, Infuse. The scanned components can be assembled into test case flows with a simple drag and drop feature, building and updating automated tests in 1/3rd of the time of other approaches. useMango™ integrates into the leading test management tool suites to provide comprehensive test management reports and audit trails for the testing process. “useMango™ helps our clients and partners to test their enterprise applications faster, better and smarter at lower cost,” says Parbhu.

Along with useMango™, the company delivers useMango™ Test Factory (UTF)—a pre-built Centre of Excellence on the cloud—which allows pay per use utilization of its ground breaking prod¬ucts integrated into leading test management solutions.

useMango™ offers a library of pre-built components for applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion, ERP/CRM and Web applications

The UTF solution is a complete end-to-end integrated Application Lifecycle Management solution, delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The solution includes manual and automated testing; Performance Engineering for global performance engineering and tuning; and Infrastructure Testing for fixed price upgrades and maintenance tasks in the Oracle databases.

useMango™ is a truly ground-breaking, disruptive technology, pushing the boundaries of traditional automated testing methods. For instance, a government agency, which provides personnel, pensions, welfare, and support services to members of its department, stakeholders, and their dependents, had a complex technology infrastructure based primarily on Oracle E-Business Suite. Infuse delivered the testing for the Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade on-time, at a fixed price of 50 percent of the cost of manual testing. The test execution cycles were also reduced by 90 percent.

Additionally, Infuse offers intelligent Upgrade Robot (iUR), a solution that delivers the migration, consolidation and upgrading of Oracle databases and the conversion of other vendor databases to Oracle. It automates the certified Oracle upgrade/transform paths to assure the quality of the target database including running production load tests. This enables customers to quickly reap the benefits of upgrading, migrating, and patching, and at a fixed price.

Moving forward, there will be active strides in the U.S. market with Infuse planning to dominate in the hither to unmarked legions. Infuse also plans to make inroads in the mobile technology segment alongside rapid expansion in revenue.

Infuse Consulting Limited

London, UK

Nalin Parbhu, CEO

Works with tech-giants like Oracle and systems integrators to deliver consistent quality on testing projects

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