Ingenicomm: Building Collaborative IT Solutions for Critical Space Programs

Amit Puri, President and CEO
Ingenicomm is a privately held, employee-owned 8(a) certified small business headquartered in Chantilly,VA. Ingenicomm was founded in 2010 by a group of engineers committed to bringing new innovation to the aerospace industry. Ingenicomm’s founders are recognized worldwide for their expertise in ground system architecture and design, and particularly in the telemetry and command processing standards and recommendations defined by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS).

“As agencies deal with decreased IT funding and the threat of even greater cuts in the future, they are increasingly trying to lower system lifecycle costs and reduce the costs associated with implementing changes and enhancements to IT systems in response to changing mission requirements. This environment has resulted in a lot of demand for collaborative IT solutions, in which government customers wish to implement additional capabilities themselves, rather than having to go back to the original vendor for upgrades. Our model lets agencies leverage their existing capabilities to reduce total implementation costs and eliminate dependencies on particular vendors,” says Amit Puri, President and CEO.

Ingenicomm offers engineering, implementation, and integration services as well as ground system and range electronics for programs in the domestic and international civil, commercial, defense, and intelligence sectors. Ingenicomm supports virtually every major space agency in the United States and around the globe and has successfully deployed equipment on every continent. Ingenicomm’s clients include a multitude of high-profile missions, including the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope and the follow-on James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s space and ground networks, and NOAA’s polar and geostationary weather satellites. Ingenicomm is also active in the defense and intelligence sectors, supporting the Air Force’s AFSCN satellite control network as well as programs like the Space-Based Infrared System, the Space-Based Surveillance System, and the Missile Defense Agency’s NFIRE program.

Our model lets agencies leverage their existing capabilities to reduce total implementation costs and eliminate dependencies on particular vendors

The company proudly states that Ingenicomm equipment is in use on every continent, even Antarctica.

Ingenicomm focuses on leveraging the inherent flexibility of modular software frameworks to allow a single system to remain useful for the entire lifecycle of a project, program, or mission. A single Ingenicomm system can support development and prototyping during the design and integration phases of a mission, transition to test and certification activities once development completes, and finally undergo deployment into live operations, allowing immediate deployment of an already proven solution and avoiding unnecessary procurement of multiple systems for each program phase. Ingenicomm’s ability to reduce program costs and risk through this approach has been instrumental in its success in the highly competitive aerospace marketplace.

Going forward, Ingenicomm plans to continue enhancing its existing software portfolio while developing new capabilities for system and network management, automation, and high-availability data capture and processing. By leveraging synergies among its engineering capabilities, the company aims to provide turn-key solutions to a broader range of mission requirements.


Centreville, VA

Amit Puri, President and CEO

A provider of ground, range equipment and enterprise engineering services for civil, commercial aerospace and defence programs, as well as intelligence communities