innius: Tracking the Performance of Industrial Assets

Bjorn Kuijt, VP-Product Management
The smart sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, cloud and social collaboration are the key drivers of the digital transformation in manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are realizing the need to take advantage of technology to transform their business models and create connected customer experience. Based in the Netherlands, innius leverages IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), mobile apps and services to deliver digital experience to industrial equipment manufacturers. “We make industrial assets and their performance fully transparent and manageable,” says Bjorn Kuijt, VP-Product Management, innius. “Designed for rapid and easy deployment, innius enables the providers and operators of machines, equipment, and other industrial assets to review the assets’ performance and achieve better business outcomes.”

innius leverages IoT technology to support manufacturers to connect the industrial assets manufactured by them. “Once connected these assets will have a digital footprint and all the data is captured and transformed into human actionable and social driven interaction,” explains Kuijt. The company presents data related to Key Performance Areas (KPIs) such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Meantime Between Failure (MTBF) and Meantime to Repair (MTTR). This valuable information is made accessible to stakeholders, customers, engineers, shopfloor managers and the tech team to collaborate and improve KPIs. “We also add predictive maintenance features to better predict the failure of machines to help organizations act well in advance,” says Kuijt.

innius has supported various manufacturing organizations by imbuing transparency in the functioning and performance of customer’s industrial assets. Tronrud Engineering—a Norway based industrial product manufacurer partnered with innius to better understand and manage their equipment and machinery. innius quickly responded by connecting all Tronrud’s machineries together and fostered an IIoT environment to generate data that reflects the performance ratio of all the tools in real-time.

We make industrial assets and their performance fully transparent and manageable

Access to real-time machine data made it easier for Tronrud maintenance teams to keep tabs on their products and serve their end-users well. Erik Hjertaas, Head of Project Department at Tronrud, says, “With innius, we can determine from offsite what is going on with a machine and what parts it requires. Given that we support a worldwide customer community, innius makes a big difference in how effective¬ly we can use our skills and resources to keep machines working.”

Additionally, innius’s easy to integrate IoT services and ready to deploy apps and services speed up time to market for the manufacturing customers. The company solves the issues around monitoring digital assets, collaborating through the value chain, speeding up innovation, improving costs of maintenance and uptime by leveraging cloud. To allow customers enhance their customer experience, innius provides a whole new next generation service for manufacturers that will take full advantage of IOT, Cloud and Mobility. “We go over and above systems of record and provide systems of intelligence. It also highlights our commitment to manufacturing,” assures Kuijt.

In the coming days, Kuijt aspires to see innius’s services extend broadly and redefine the way systems work. The company will also build an eCommerce offering to help manufacturers to provide their customers with a new channel between the users of the asset and the manufacturers or tech service providers. “It will open up whole new capabilities in innovation and eCommerce in the manufacturing space,” concludes Kuijt.


Veenendaal, the Netherlands

Bjorn Kuijt, VP-Product Management

Helps manufacturing organizations to make industrial assets and their performance fully transparent and manageable