Innodata: Paving the Digital Path in Aviation Sector

Jack Abuhoff, President and CEO
Aviation companies spend huge amounts to ensure that their product and technical manuals have competitive advantage and reflect the latest developments in aircraft maintenance technology. Understanding the major challenges of the aerospace is Innodata, a company based in New York, which makes information management easy and efficient for customers through its e-Publishing, content enrichment and consulting services.

Having practiced international corporate law, Jack Abuhoff, CEO of Innodata, helps the company attain its full potential and cater to the needs of leading enterprises ranging from content profiling to distribution.

For instance, Innodata helped a U.S. airline deploy an aircraft maintenance documentation system that supports S1000D, an emerging XML-based standard for all aerospace and defense companies. This can help aerospace and aviation companies improve document linking systems, deploy content management systems, streamline the production of training manuals and convert legacy documents to XML.

Innodata’s content enrichment provides high-accuracy, large-scale digitization services to transform content from paper and image formats to digital text.

Re-engineering essential editorial and production processes, inclusive of the integration of new tools and technology platforms, are complex undertakings. By providing professional consulting services, consultants from Innodata help a number of organizations, from global aerospace and telecommunications companies to leading information services providers, achieve those goals by finding more efficient, cost-effective ways to bring content from concept to its final form.

Innodata makes information management easy and efficient for customers through its e-Publishing, content enrichment and consulting services

Innodata advised a leading European media company on how to devise an enterprise search strategy that will allow employees and customers to access information stored within 30 different systems. The consultant firm also helped a manufacturing company revamp its production process for creating technical documentation, developing an XML-based proof-of-concept solution that met the manufacturer’s requirements. All Innodata solutions are designed in accordance with open public standards like XML and its related specifications. The company performs Requirements Analysis, Information Analysis, Data Modeling, Workflow Optimization, Business Process Improvement and Transformation, Tools Selection and Implementation, Standards Implementation, Systems Integration and Custom Application Development.

Innodata looks forward to help clients operate and grow more profitable and productive business by reducing the cost of creating and managing content for aerospace industry, liberating it to focus on new ways and create greater value for their customers.


New York

Jack Abuhoff, President and CEO

Provider of content solutions, data analytics and related services to publishers, information providers, and enterprises.