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Lawrence Ganti, head of life sciences and CEO Americas
The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the healthcare sector by a storm promising enhanced data analytics for effective decision making. However, most of the AI tools have failed to deliver practical solutions in terms of data analytics particularly in healthcare, where decoding the value of data is becoming ever important. Lawrence Ganti, head of life sciences and CEO Americas of Innoplexus, has observed, “In order to make a lasting impact in the healthcare or life sciences industry, AI tools need to speak and understand the language of life sciences.” Most often, these tools make use of natural language processing (NLP) technology to process natural language and hence cannot understand very specific scientific level language thereby fail to process the healthcare data. Simply investing into algorithms and computing power is not adequate when it comes to the life science industry; it is essential for AI tools to focus on the relevance of data and the ability to extract relevant data, understand it and then apply computing power and algorithms on top of it. Understanding this need, Innoplexus has focused on building a life science language processing engine that incorporates significant and sophisticated biomedical ontology to understand the clinical language, aggregate and then process it. “Our engines have a Ph.D. level understanding of the life sciences terminologies and are accurate enough to extract the right data that can further be used for analytics leading to efficient decision making.”

Innoplexus offers a proprietary analytical framework, CAAV for AI and data analytics for healthcare. The company first crawls all the information regarding life sciences from the web— capturing data from more than 327 million web domains and 50,000 data feeds. After crawling a considerable amount of data, Innoplexus works on converting that data into understandable information where the company’s biomedical ontology language processing comes to play. Here, the relevant data is extracted, analyzed and visualized in the form of insights. “We use AI and machine learning across the entire framework right from the data crawling, aggregation, analytics to the visualization part,” says Ganti.
Alongside its proprietary framework, the company also offers syndicated products such as iPlexus and kPlexus that generate continuous intelligence across all phases of drug development and supports key opinion leader discovery and management respectively. “We provide a custom developed cloud-based ecosystem that is deployed within the firewalls of our clients that gives them the flexibility to integrate a number of different data sources.”

Our engines have a Ph.D. level understanding of the life sciences terminologies and are accurate enough to extract the right data that can further be used for analytics leading to efficient decision making

Innoplexus has been instrumental in speeding up the process of drug development by building up the core competencies for life science and healthcare companies. In one instance, a client had a large number of patients dropping off from a chronic therapy and required predictive analytics to identify when a patient was about to withdraw from the medication. With Innoplexus, the client was able to integrate predictive analytics with their existing data to determine patient dropouts. “By deploying our solution, the client was able to take a proactive approach to reach out to patients and reduce the number of patient dropouts by well over 50 percent,” says Ganti.

He believes that educating the client is an important part in any client engagement, which is why the company spends a considerable amount of time in explaining the fundamentals of AI and its applications in the life sciences and healthcare industry. With a forward-looking mindset, the company has over 60 patent filings for its technology which in itself is a significant milestone. Besides, Innoplexus has successfully made a mark in India, Germany and the U.S. With that, the company aims to expand into the west coast, Latin America, and Europe.

Innoplexus News

Innoplexus & ChemAxon Partner on Life Science Data

Innoplexus announces an official partnership with ChemAxon on September 20, to enable companies to find and connect information in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This venture will enrich life science research by allowing pharma and biotech companies to be innovative and faster in developing novel therapies.

ChemAxon is a leader in cheminformatics for the chemistry, pharmaceutical, and agrochemical industries. Innoplexus is a leader in artificial intelligence and blockchain for the life sciences industry. This partnership will leverage a ChemAxon product, ChemLocator, that allows researchers to search all potential, pre-clinical, clinical or marketed drugs in documents across data assets in Innoplexus' product, Ontosight®. This symbiotic combination will provide the industry with relevant signals much earlier than by traditional methods.

ChemLocator is a web-based search tool with chemical recognition capabilities that allows users to find hidden chemical knowledge and extract structures from documents. By combining ChemLocator with Ontosight®, users will be able to discover otherwise unavailable information in public domains or "forgotten" information in enterprise archives. Times to find chemicals and compounds using name or chemical properties will be significantly reduced, overall accelerating research that utilized non-obvious findings and unexplored whitespaces.

"The 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the world, and we are glad to be partnering with a leading AI company to tackle one of the most exciting challenges in the automated data process." says David Jozsef, Product Owner of ChemLocator at ChemAxon. "We believe extracting chemical structures from scientific literature and facilitating meaningful questions related to those will leverage the transformation of existing information into novel ideas. We truly believe that our integration with Ontosight® will open up new perspectives for life sciences R&D."

"We look forward to integrating ChemLocator into Ontosight® to be able to deliver new possibilities to our clients together" expressed Vatsal Agarwal, Vice President - Artificial Intelligence & Computational Linguistics at Innoplexus.

ChemAxon is a chemical and biological software development company that provides solutions for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Innoplexus is an Industry validated, AI-powered, Drug Discovery and Development platform creating value for diverse stakeholders by driving Innovation in science, clinical development and commercialization.


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Lawrence Ganti, head of life sciences and CEO Americas

Innoplexus streamlines the decision making of organizations by generating broader, deeper, and faster insights from structured and unstructured private and public data. Its services are bolstered by cutting-edge and patent-pending artificial intelligence, blockchain, and advanced analytics technologies. Enterprises can transform their bath decision making into a robust continuum with the capabilities of Innoplexus, continually evaluating and improving their efficiency and cost optimization. Along with bolstering the research capabilities, it empowers pharmaceutical organizations to expedite their drug development across multiple stages, including preclinical, clinical, regulatory, and commercial. It facilitates seamless access to relevant information and removes the roadblocks that hinder discovery