Innotrac [NASDAQ:INOC]: Nurturing a New Era of Agile Commerce

Ramesh Srinivasan, CEO
Online retailing is fast outpacing the growth of in-store spending, and is expected to increase as a percentage of overall spending. Going forward, e-commerce firms have a hard core of costly, impossible-to-please consumers. Today’s consumers have high expectations; they long for a homely treatment no matter how, when or where they shop. Whether it is a brand, mass merchant or online-only retailer, providing a quality online shopping experience is the key to growth and viability of their business. In order to meet the high expectations of the online consumer in the e-commerce field, Innotrac partners with top global brands to provide best in class e-commerce solutions and offers them the flexibility to adhere to business rules. Founded in 1984, Innotrac has evolved into a leading global fulfillment, customer care, and technology provider. Each of their offering contains a unique balance of technology and processes, designed to suit individual client needs such as house wares, apparel, or other high value goods.

For many shop owners, e-commerce still remains a riddle. Each step, from creating an online shop-front that lures in customers to buy the goods baffles retailers selling their products online. This predicament has been hugely solved by Innotrac’s e-commerce solutions. The solutions’ portfolio includes global fulfillment, contact center solutions, SmartHub intelligence, integration, and account services. All these solutions are aimed at helping the customer organizations to grow their e-commerce business lines.

Innotrac’s Direct-to-Consumer and automated global fulfillment services deliver high end fulfillment and throughput, and rapid scalability. Cost efficiency is maintained as testing and inspection services are included in the specific returns management capabilities of global fulfillment services. This also allows them to support fast-paced promotionally driven brands such as flash sales. “Our intense focus on “after-the-click” services has allowed for greater innovation since Innotrac’s founding in 1984,” says Ramesh Srinivasan, CEO, Innotrac. Along with its automated global fulfillment services, Innotrac has also been delivering high-touch services with the help of its robust contact center solutions.

Our intense focus on “after-the-click” services has allowed for greater innovation since Innotrac’s founding in 1984

They setup mini-stores within their centers to ensure the customer care representatives truly understand the customer organization’s brand and associated products.

Rapidly growing digital world has made Innotrac to fabricate SmartHub® business intelligence tools to support the business of the associated organizations. SmartHub® business intelligence tools like SmartHub® Desktop, Mobile and Benchmarking allow organizations to make informed decisions about their e-commerce programs from anywhere, at anytime. Also, Members of Innotrac’s experienced account team work closely with each client to manage the business on a day-to-day basis. They manage SmartHub® business intelligence tools according to the business rules of associated organization.

Global fulfillment, contact centers or digitalized tools, all are operational mechanism around which business revolves but what the end-consumers demand is seamless shopping and this takes integration among many systems of the shopping portals. Innotrac’s approach has always been to build upon a culture of flexibility and technology whether that’s done with an e-commerce platform, payment provider, ERP, CRM or any other combination of solutions. This provides a quality online shopping experience to the end consumer.

The clients enjoy a cohesive, best-in-class e-commerce solution that leverages the power of their e-commerce platform, matched with an equally robust fulfillment and operations engine. Offering the best of both worlds, the customer organizations are allowed to choose the specific commerce solutions needed to manage and scale their business for today, with the flexibility to add or subtract options as their business grows for tomorrow.


Atlanta, GA

Ramesh Srinivasan, CEO

Innotrac partners with top global brands to provide best in class e-commerce solutions.