Innov8tif: Going Paperless for Increased Sales

George Lee, CEO
In today’s sophisticated sales technology landscape, the CMOs or CSOs often take a proactive approach to identify their digital needs and achieve sales growth and lower customer churn rate. According to Accenture’s CMO-CIO Alignment 2014 report, 43 percent of CIOs believe marketing requirements and priorities change frequently. In order to rapidly fulfill digital needs without exerting significant pressure on IT infrastructures, CSOs or CMOs are rapidly exploring sales technology. The technologies primarily focus on speeding-up the sales acquisition touch-points, instead of the ideal end-to-end straight-through processing, which imposes tedious go-to-market timeline. Innov8tif empowers sales organizations with a mobility platform to widen sales funnel, speed-up sales processes without paper, and minimize identity fraud.

Founded in 2011, Innov8tif, was conceived to simplify sales processes, increase efficiency, and improve client profitability. “By successfully closing deals, while going paperless, we help mobilize client’s sales teams to support real-time transactions, minimize human errors, and save costs,” says George Lee, CEO, Innov8tif.

Innov8tif’s flagship product, EMAS helps sales organizations to speed-up sales processes, while going digital, converting a fresh lead into an immediate customer. With this smart tool, sales teams aim at reducing the gap between customers’ initial interest and decision making, connecting with prospective customers, and presenting sales pitch by using a smartphone or tablet in real-time. “Through EMAS, organizations can submit customer’s details online to the head office instantly, receive confirmation of service enrolment status within minutes, and convert potential leads by simplifying the identifying process,” adds Lee. “EMAS equips sales team with various digital documents facilities that they need to seal a deal.”

As part of Innov8tif’s global commercialization plan, EMAS also supports Photo ID reading and verification process on its mobile platform. This capability is branded as EMAS ID. “Our Mobile ID Reader and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) approach facilitates enterprises to minimize and prevent identity fraud,” explains Lee. This innovative platform supports ID documents such as passport and visa—OCR of the Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) complying with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Document 9303 standard.

Through EMAS, organizations can submit customer’s details online to the head office instantly, receive confirmation of service enrolment status within minutes, and convert potential leads by simplifying the identifying process

It also supports United Kingdom and German driving license as well as Malaysian national identity card.

Adding to these capabilities, EMAS is a SaaS-based platform with support for multi-tenancy architecture, which helps widen the distribution channels and business model scalability. Besides mobile sales kit and paperless forms, EMAS comprises smart proximity sales lead, PDF contract generator, enterprise integration features. In an instance, a sales executive for a private bank was trying to increase sales in the credit card and personal financing category through manual processes. With EMAS, the bank utilized a mobile sales network strategy alongside social media campaigns and SEMs. This method empowered the sales executive with more time to focus on signing-up a client that is already interested and available for a meeting. Through the mobile sales agent app, it is easier to scan customers’ photo ID, along with other crucial documents automatically, while submitting the applications to the bank’s centralized server in real-time with the customer’s consent in form of an e-Signature.

The company’s software engineering team belongs to the Java enterprise background with well-exposed proficiency in software implementation processes within various industries. Innov8tif R&D embraces agile methodology and frequent, incremental releases to EMAS lab features. Forging ahead, the company also plans on EMAS’s next-immediate roadmap, comprising predictive analytics to help sales team increase the conversion rate, and facial recognition of Photo IDs to strengthen the verification capability. In terms of market expansion, Innov8tif is significantly focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.


Sydney, Australia

George Lee, CEO

Innov8tif helps sales teams to widen sales funnel, speed-up sales process without paper and prevent frauds