Innovatemap: Bringing a Product to Life: From Mind to Market

Mike Reynolds, CEO
The origin of every revolutionary technology is a vision or a dream, which gradually evolves through various stages and metamorphoses into a functional product. Game-changing ideas like Tesla and Google’s driverless cars that we experience today would have remained as napkin doodles or on the drawing board, had it not been for some form of support in product development. While most creators have the broad framework in place for a solution that could solve an impending challenge, oftentimes, they may not possess the right resources to translate the concept from its ideation stage into a fully-fledged product that could be marketed successfully.

Many factors require careful consideration in the life cycle of a product. Right from ideation to planning, forecasting, verification, development, and finally, the product’s launch in the market, organizations need to consider the intricacies of a product and the impact it makes on the end users. While they might get through the different stages successfully, organizations still need to ensure that the product is marketable, usable, and is valuable to make its mark effectively in the market—and this can be achieved with a helping hand from Innovatemap. Indianapolis-based Innovatemap leverages their proficiency in design, marketing, and branding to bridge the gap that exists between the product’s development stage and market release.

Dream, Design, Deliver

“Six years ago, Innovatemap was born with the idea of making excellence in product management available to organizations across various industries,” explains Mike Reynolds, CEO of Innovatemap. Numerous tech startups, scaleups, and tech-enabled businesses have achieved product success and made their mark in the industry with Innovatemap’s competence in product management.

Right from encouraging its clients to dream of building the right product, Innovatemap assists them in defining the product design and delivering the final solution to the market. The team conducts various levels of research and conceptualization related to the market, competition, and end-users, and then recommends a solution that could take off well in the industry. The next step for the team is to prioritize the features based on the research, define the product, and turn it over to the design phase. Following an agile business model, Innovatemap accommodates the changes that a client needs and aligns with their requirements to obtain the desired outcome. “We function as a partner that solves the product-related problems faced by organizations, or collaborate with their expert team to help them overcome the obstacles that they have related to their product,” explains Reynolds.

Tech startups hire Innovatemap to function as their virtual product team in the first six to 12 months to get their company and the product off the ground. The team also helps them in hitting the early seed stage milestones such as the minimum viable product (MVP), expanding their market reach, attending to their earliest customers, and generating the first revenue.

For organizations with an existing product base who want to enhance their product and scale up its adoption across different industries, Innovatemap reinforces their product team with the right resources and expertise. Innovatemap’s product managers work alongside the client’s development team and plan the product’s enhancement, positioning, packaging, sales and marketing to strategize the go-to-market phase.

We eat, sleep, and breathe excellence in product management all day long

To support their growth aspirations, Innovatemap’s experts equip the sales team with videos, demos, and presentations to help them better convey the product value to the market. Some of the core disciplines that the Innovatemap team brings to the table include capabilities in product design, branding, marketing, MVP as well as charting a roadmap for them. Besides, the team also helps scaleups to improve the product’s user experience, enhance or add innovative features, and identify the key missing features that could complement the scaleup’s overall value proposition.

On the other hand, for non-technical organizations such as banks that are moving toward digitization, Innovatemap lends its assistance in helping them utilize digital products to become tech-enabled businesses. Similar to tech startups, Innovatemap fills in the gaps as a virtual product team and helps the business in achieving significant milestones.

However, Innovatemap’s hand holding approach does not end with the product launch in the market. After the product is made live in the market, the diligent team assesses the product’s success in the market based on sales, marketing, and the behavior of the first users of the solution. The team then trains the client on the importance of feedback, the way of responding to it, and validation throughout the product life cycle in order to improve the product according to the market requirements.

“We eat, sleep, and breathe excellence in product management all day long,” remarks Reynolds. To ensure that product excellence is delivered to their customers in the best possible way, Innovatemap has one half of its team comprising product managers and UX designers focused on the product’s user experience and how it resonates with the end users. The other half consisting of brand and marketing experts, dedicate their expertise to deliver a product that engages with the buyer.

Paving the Road to Success

“We built Innovatemap to cater to the requirements that we would need if we were to start a product or software company,” remarks Reynolds. With a novel approach in providing the best experience to clients, Innovatemap has crafted success stories for more than 150 companies by promoting and launching great product ideas. Since the last two years, the company has led numerous startups from their inception to exit strategy and witnessed clients winning awards for their products. Innovatemap has also been the proud recipient of multiple awards and accolades and has been a part of Inc 5000 and Indianapolis Business Journal’s Fast 25 twice in a row.

Currently, Innovatemap’s major focus lies in solving the challenges of its clients worldwidein the three major sectors that it caters to. The next step for the company is exploring new territories and servicing the market’s tech startups, scaleups, and tech-enabled businesses. “Alongside the immense opportunities in the current markets, we see a promising future in non-technical businesses where Innovatemap can be a product partner and help clients keep themselves up-to-date with the industry trends,” concludes Reynolds.


Indianapolis, IN

Mike Reynolds, CEO

Innovatemap helps companies of all sizes dream, design, and deliver digital products and services. The company fills critical gaps for high-growth tech companies through excellence in product management, product design, product marketing, and product brand. Whether it is a startup creating its first pitch deck, a scale-up strengthening their product’s user experience or a company introducing technology into their core business, Innovatemap delivers essential tech services for a country’s technology ecosystem. Numerous tech startups, scaleups, and tech-enabled businesses have achieved product success and made their mark in the industry with Innovatemap’s competence in product management