iNNOVATEQ: Orchestrators of Smarter Business Decision-Making

Dr. Riyadh Moosa, CEO, Mohammad Sweidan, CCO, Wim Servaes, CTO
The oil and gas industry has unlimited access to information from exploration, drilling, production, and delivery operations. Businesses have to quickly consume the fastamassing data to make key decisions, manually gathering and processing the large, unstructured datasets across different applications, which is incredibly daunting. Legacy practices storing data in departmental siloes and incompatible formats like Excel sheets increase the chances of error, making the data less reliable.

iNNOVATEQ, an esteemed digital transformation solutions provider for oil and gas companies, is breaking down the operational silos with Nibras, its full-featured integrated asset management solution. Nibras enables decisionmakers to make faster and smarter decisions that positively impact the overall organizational performance. Nibras was named after the Arabic word for light, as it illuminates data to enrich an organization’s strategy practical execution.

“Nibras offers an eagle’s eye view across the organization, offering better insights into how an asset is managed from an organizational point of view,” says Dr. Riyadh Moosa, CEO of iNNOVATEQ.

An insight-driven enabler for organizations, iNNOVATEQ strives to transform business processes by digitally integrating them. Nibras considers the different business strategies of organizations, including performance criteria for their operations and uptime and availability of assets, while analyzing relevant data. Nibras offers an eagle eye view across the organization, allowing better insight into how an asset is managed from an organizational point of view “Business transformation is truly about making smarter business decisions with qualified insights, and not just becoming more data centralized,” says Mohammad Sweidan, CCO of iNNOVATEQ.

Engineered with lean methodologies, the multifaceted Nibras platform is composed of a data aggregation layer, an exception-based management engine (EBM), a workflow engine, and visualization management. iNNOVATEQ’s lean practitioners work with clients to distill their operational strategies and convert them from nest practices, high-level strategies into human-guided workflows. When designing Nibras’ data aggregation layer, iNNOVATEQ focused on the platform’s integrability, which is rarely offered and not functional in most asset management systems.
While connected to different data sources, Nibras uses EBM to check the data sources relevant to a business process and assure all the organization’s processes are integrated. It triggers an alarm if any workflow is deferring from the production strategy’s set goals and targets. This saves 40 percent of an engineer’s time that would otherwise be wasted in accessing and analyzing data from different sources. A testament to the time-saving benefits of Nibras is an iNNOVATEQ client that experienced a notable 5 to 8 percent increase in production every year with more than $900 million ROI.

“Nibras acts as the nervous system of an organization, highlighting data relevant to an organization’s ongoing operational strategy,” says Wim Servaes, CTO of iNNOVATEQ.

Nibras offers an eagle eye view across the organization, allowing better insight into how an asset is managed from an organizational point of view

Nibras’ connectors on its data analytics platform enable it to connect to any data source. It boosts an organization’s decision-making by taking into account real-time and relational data and the connection between the two. Nibras ensures data quality by ensuring the data is relevant with the exceptions and analytics already in place, testing it again when a new algorithm or workflow is created. The platform further acts as a builder tool with all the basic functionalities for developing applications relevant to various disciplines.

iNNOVATEQ tackles the recurring issue of change management most oil and gas companies face with digital transformation, as clients witness the beneficial change Nibras brings to organizations. Smartly integrating people, processes, technology, and data for all to work in harmony, iNNOVATEQ’s Nibras is the digital transformation partner that organizations can rely on since it has been tested and trusted for many years by key operators in the oil and gas industry.


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Dr. Riyadh Moosa, CEO, Mohammad Sweidan, CCO, Wim Servaes, CTO

iNNOVATEQ, a digital transformation partner for oil and gas companies, designed and built Nibras, an integrated asset management solution that includes a data aggregation layer, an exception-based management engine, a workflow engine, and a dashboard/visualization management. Nibras uses exceptions-based surveillance to highlight data relevant to an organization’s ongoing strategy execution and saves the engineers’ time by pinpointing exactly where the problem that requires their precious and special attention lies.