Innovest: Next-Gen Technology for Wealth Management

William Thomas, CEO
Digitization has facilitated the growth of online banking and wealth management at a rapid pace. While financial institutions now focus on transforming customer experience using digital technologies, one of the main concerns various financial institutions face is data security. Innovest supports banks with their products designed for trust and wealth management. William Thomas, CEO, Innovest says, “We work very closely with our clients to ensure data security and use state of the art methodologies to ensure our client data is well protected.” Innovest aims at delivering secure solutions that assist financial institutions in acquiring new customers, investing assets effectively, efficiently managing portfolios and flexibly reporting results.

Innovest delivers its technology tools to clients through a variety of mediums such as mobile, desktop, API web service calls, and others. Using their featured mobile app, clients can look into their assets, investments, and transactions. Innovest’s Wealth Management mobile app helps clients better understand their investments and accounts. Whether it is disbursements of cash or trading, the customers can go to the app, access tax information, and get statements from it. The app also enables access to data history without the need for any external help.

Innovest’s flagship product, InnoTrust is a wealth management platform that helps banks to manage their trust and investment accounts. Innovest also offers Innovest CRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics which helps to reduce cost and improve customer service by automatically onboarding clients. “InnoTrust is a highly secure platform where integrated, real-time wealth management reports can be accessed and acted upon,” notes Thomas.

Customers can create and manage investment portfolios, rebalance against models, generate trades, execute trades, and report on the results both internally and with clients.

InnoTrust is a highly secure platform where integrated, real-time wealth management reports can be accessed and acted upon

Innovest uses a wholly owned broker-dealer, FinTech Securities, to execute most trades. FinTech offers clients cutting edge technology and competitive commission rates in a fully integrated and secure platform.

As the baby boomer generation retires, much of the focus of financial institutions will shift from aggregating assets to distributing them. The firm’s payment solutions division supports this shift by enabling banks, trust companies, and other financial institutions to streamline benefit payments, retirement, and other distribution processing.

Innovest has a wide variety of clients, many with highly unique requirements. The wealth management platform has been designed to be configurable based on the unique needs of customers. For example, Innovest has a client that holds custody of bitcoins in trust accounts. Bitcoin technology requires access to the blockchain which is a network token is used to transfer value amongst users. Innovest has helped its client work seamlessly with the unique blockchain and bitcoin requirements with minimal development.

Innovest’s future plans include continued expansion of the wealth management platform and continued focus on scalable technology and data security. “Innovest is looking forward to continuing to deliver innovative solutions to the wealth management industry. As the industry continues to evolve we look forward to working with our clients and partners to bring best-of-class technology solutions to the market.”


New York City, NY

William Thomas, CEO

Innovest focuses on the wealth management sector, empowering clients to acquire new customers, invest assets effectively, manage trust and investment portfolios efficiently, and flexibly report results