Innovyt: Enabling Rapid Data Prototyping with Big Data

Vineet Kumar, Founder
“The next set of opportunities with big data exists with IoT.” Expounding the value proposition of big data in driving the next level of digital transformation for organizations, Vineet Kumar, Founder, Innovyt draws attention to the humongous data generated by humans as well as machines. The NJ-based Innovyt takes a holistic approach and focuses on the business value that big data can drive for organizations. “Our differentiation lies in the innovative approach that we adopt by placing data at the center of an organization for embracing the digital transformation,” says Kumar. Innovyt’s set of design patterns and intellectual property allows building the data platform and analytics solution which can handle Lambda architecture. The architecture is a combination of cold path and hot path data architecture, where the cold path is the data that is stored historically and the hot path is the constant stream of data coming in through the machines and IoT devices. “This summarizes the core of our platform,” states Kumar.

The platform comprises of four main components that includes connected devices, the IoT platform, big data processing, and advanced analytics. On the connected devices front, the firm has created a set of firmware libraries and modules which can be used to build a quick hardware device prototype for any customer requirement. Once the data is collected from devices or machines, it is pushed into the Innovyt platform and their predefined set of algorithms and built-in next generation solutions deliver the right set of insights catering to the customer requirements. For data collection in locations where communication facilities are poor, Innovyt has created LoRA libraries which uses radio frequency to communicate with the cloud up to 10-15 miles. The data once collected this way can then be transmitted to the connected cloud or to any third party cloud services such as Microsoft Azure.
“Our set of communication libraries and cloud specific libraries can be used along with plug and play devices for enhanced usability and seamless connectivity,” adds Kumar. The common platform can be used as a base layer to build multiple solutions.

Innovyt has taken a holistic approach to the digital transformation and focuses on a business value that big data can drive

Kumar explains the value proposition of Innovyt with their remote battery monitoring solution that is used by telecommunication towers where power backup systems are used in locations with unstable power supply. The challenge was to remotely monitor lithium batteries to ascertain the remaining power as well as the replacement time for each battery. The ultimate aim was to figure out the battery life and perform regular battery maintenance. Innovyt used their communication libraries to capture the battery data, and store it on the cloud platform. The platform’s algorithm provides immediate monitoring to determine the remaining battery power and uses historical data to notify when the battery needs to be replaced or maintained.

Innovyt’s IoT solutions platform concentrates on three generic areas, which include remote monitoring and control, connected fleet and asset management. Recently, Innovyt launched a new solution specially designed for the large fleet management. “We are also developing an asset tracking platform by leveraging the potential of our cloud analytics platform. The core of asset tracking solution will be the RFID readers. In the coming days, our focus is on building a system for school bus tracking,” concludes Kumar.


Edison, NJ

Vineet Kumar, Founder

Innovyt’s platform consists of IoT hardware kit with firmware libraries for rapid prototyping, data modeling, advanced analytics, and connected applications using Web and Mobile Platforms