Inocybe Technologies: Empowering SDN through Pure Play OpenDaylight

Mathieu Lemay, CEO and Founder
Networking has upsurged as a focal point for innovation amid constant demand for flexible IT services. This requirement has turned the spotlight on Software Defined Networking (SDN) that has taken center stage through its capability of providing the network operators with access to unprecedented network programmability, control and automation. It is to leverage this potential of SDN that Inocybe Technologies was formed, and today it is at the forefront in enabling feasible vendor lock-in free Open Source ecosystems for SDN and NFV (Network functions virtualization) through the Linux Foundation’s OpenDaylight Project.

“Organizations are in need of agile networking platforms that skillfully tackle and manage the dynamically changing traffic patterns and emerging services. Secondly, the platform should also have an ability to serve multiple customers on a shared infrastructure,” says Mathieu Lemay, CEO and Founder, Inocybe. Inocybe’s OpenDaylight, a platform for network programmability to enable SDN, addresses these challenges through a synchronous framework that skillfully handles the rise in internet traffic and multi-tenancy. “OpenDaylight fulfills Inocybe’s goal of furnishing an end-user controlled network. Moreover, the ability of the platform to serve networks for any ‘scale and size’ makes it highly applicable,” adds Lemay.

The company’s supported OpenDaylight distribution and tools allows service providers or network vendors to leverage the open source project for real world deployment. In this vendor-supported ecosystem, organizations and network providers innovate and collaborate for the commercialization of SDN-based-solutions. The Lithium releases improved OpenStack integration support for Security groups, Layer 3 forwarding and Load Balancing-as-a-service make it a great fit for your cloud. “OpenDaylight can be tailored to be exceedingly business case-centric and lets any firm to operate their complex networks in a better, faster and cheaper manner. Thus, this network innovation system can be of great help to varieties of businesses,” exclaims Lemay.

Having caliber to handle the complex networking environment of OpenStack deployments in cloud computing, OpenDaylight software enables additional visibility by giving network managers, the typical cues on what’s happening in systems. “The software’s aptness in adding extra functionalities such as service functioning chaining or policy based networking during the times of network complications are all the upsides of having an OpenDaylight-based solution,” remarks Lemay.
Showing the virtues of commendable adaptability, the tool also proves to be valuable while handling the exchange layers of internet such as IP layer and transport layer.

Lemay explains further, “The alternate network platforms available in the market make the firms dependent on a particular network vendor for all products and services, in other words creates a proprietary lock-in. While, this is not the case with OpenDaylight, because it generates a vendor lock-in free open source ecosystem for SDN.” Besides, the platform showcases its significant productivity when being deployed in crucial scenarios such as, security networks at large campuses.

The software’s aptness in adding extra functionalities such as service functioning chaining or policy based networking during the times of network complications are all the upsides of having an OpenDaylightbased solution in your network

Inocybe’s commitment for OpenDaylight and their set of training services makes them distinguished. “Our company is positioned as one among the top committers of OpenDaylight. Further, Inocybe’s OpenDaylight training courses prepares a firm to face real world SDN operations. It is our scholarly experts, who deliver public courses at world-wide locations,” points out Lemay.

Moving ahead, Inocybe is rolling out opportunities in OpenDayLight that will deliver much richer and more interactive level of platform for the network managers to configure, manage, secure and optimize network resources very quickly. By integrating best of technologies to enable SDN, Inocybe continues to be passionate about being the driving force behind the wide adoption of OpenDaylight. “OpenDaylight provides a fantastic opportunity to transform the whole industry that is burdened with networking control issues. We foresee this platform, playing a lead role in simplifying the network issues for wide array of businesses,” concludes Lemay. Furthermore, the company plans to expand its global footprint in Europe, Asia and U.S.

Inocybe Technologies

Gatineau, Quebec

Mathieu Lemay, CEO and Founder

The Company helps leverage OpenDaylight commercially by delivering all the technology, integration, training and support required for companies to succeed with production-grade SDN/NFV solutions.