Inove: Specialized Microsoft Business Solutions

César Palmieri, CEO
Kicking off in 2007 as a standardized IT services company focused on deploying, training, and supporting Microsoft ERP solutions, Inove is today recognized for its unique, tailored solutions that solve business challenges across different industry verticals. As pioneers in deploying Microsoft Dynamics solutions in the Brazilian market, Inove paced forward over the decade to become one of the most trusted partners of Microsoft in the Caribbean region and Latin America. Bestowed with Microsoft’s President Club award and recognized as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Inove is laser-focused on developing integrated solutions that boost companies’ business growth and maximize their productivity.

“We began with ERP implementation services and soon added CRM integration and other services to the ambit of our solutions,” says Carlos Mota, Sales Director, Inove. The company presently offers combined IT solutions using Microsoft Azure, SharePoint Online, Dynamics AX, Power BI and Office 365.“Today, our credibility with Dynamics AX customers has boosted usto incorporate a full-bodied solution for different business verticals,” he adds.

Companies are no longer satisfied with standard, market-ready solutions. In many cases, off-the-shelf solutions do not meet the precise requirements of businesses. “When we get a client on board, we analyze its business expectations to customize and deliver the most fitting IT solution,” says Mota. With deployment models based on customer needs, market best practices, and fast and proven methodologies, Inove delivers projects that fathom business predicaments in its totality.

Citing a real-world scenario of how Inove’scustomization became key to solving today’s complex business demands, Mota elucidates one of Inove’s sales management projects for a leading Brazilian retail company. The client had physical stores in all the states of Brazil and wanted to transform its business to online so that the sales orders could be managed from cloud. The challenge for Inove was to increase the speed with which the sellers could update the sales orders on Dynamics AX that was already implemented within the company. Also, as the stores were distributed across the country, the client had a huge repository of offline data that needed to be integrated.
Carlos Mota Sales, VP
Assessing the requirements, Inove concluded that deploying a standalone Microsoft Dynamics CRM online solution would not be sufficient. “We built and implemented a combination of Dynamics CRM and an additional tool for sales order management, which was hosted in Azure and integrated with Dynamics AX,” states Mota. The customized solution allowed the sellers to enhance the speed of inputting sales orders by three times.

Today, our credibility with Dynamics AX customers has boosted us to incorporate a full-bodied solution for different business verticals

Inove also offers IT services to a host of different industries such as agribusiness, automotive, professional services, industry, education, and travel and hospitality. César Palmieri, CEO, Inove says, “In each case, our solution strategies vary to meet the precise requirements of different market segments.” For instance, Inove offers a unique and customized dealer management solution for the automotive industry that is designed using Dynamics 365 coupled with an Annata add-on feature that is specifically designed to support the automotive, equipment, rental, and fleet industries. Similarly, for other industry verticals, Inove harnesses the potential of Power BI, big data, artificial intelligence, and IoT while attempting to solve different business predicaments.

While Inove’s focus over the last few years has largely been on innovation, building tailored Microsoft CRM and ERP solutions, its plan for the future is to expand its services across borders. Having recently set up new offices in the U.S. and acquiring new clients, Palmieri says, “Each day, we are getting closer to our goal of catering to global enterprises.”


Sao Paulo, Brazil

César Palmieri, CEO and Carlos Mota Sales, VP

Providing customized Microsoft Dynamics solutions to solve business challenges across different industry verticals