Inovitech: Easing the Process of Legal Project Management

Debra Rozier, CEO and Founder
For a very long time, Project Management has been the most troublesome aspect for technology solution providers in the legal domain. This problem can be attributed to the unprecedented increase in the usage of data and Electronic Discovery Reference Models (EDRMs) which involves collecting, sifting, reviewing, and extracting of the same for evidential purposes. Often, each EDRM involves different tools, techniques, and processes throughout the different cycles of eDiscovery. The challenge for project managers is to figure out the best ways to create an ideal centralized approach to coordinate efforts across the various EDRM stages and project stakeholders. “Each case is unique and requires different technological approach. Some are highly transactional and evolve in scope rapidly, with case teams dispersed geographically. The expertise needed to support projects also varies from one another,” notes Debra Rozier, CEO and Founder of Inovitech, LLC.

Founded by Debra, Inovitech, the Washington, DC-based company provides innovative cloud-computing business applications in addition to consultation and application development services to law firms and private practitioners in the field. This led her to address the void left by other companies to counter the problems of managing legal cases. “The legal domain was extremely thirsty for it, and it was a great first project to tackle and thus, Inovitech was incepted,” retells Debra.

Inovitech’s flagship product, IS-A-TASK has been carefully designed by Debra’s team for four years churning out a unique dynamic workflow project management application. “IS-A-TASK alleviates the bottlenecks that occur with managing highly transactional projects. The core offers tighter collaboration between those who manage projects and those who work on project tasks,” explains Debra. The program allows project managers to dynamically design projects using specific workflow configurations while managing the scope of information around the project with change control.“This facilitates operation on a project to numerous operation teams, simultaneously, that are responsible for receiving, tracking and delivery of that project,” adds Debra.
Quite contrary to traditional applications in this landscape, which are often conceptualized task-in task-out offering, having little scope for collaboration, IS-A-TASK is highly configurable and collaborative, centralizing all aspects of managing a project. Another outstanding feature of Inovitech’s product is the minimum disruption it causes by conforming to each of its customer’s unique internal processes.

IS-A-TASK's core offers tighter collaboration between those who manage projects and those who work on project tasks

Inovitech takes a retrospective approach in supporting its customers after understanding the varied needs of its customers. “We have experienced that there are three types of customer needs since the inception of Inovitech,” delineates Debra. There will be legal cells which have a set of well established and documented core internal processes and prefer to configure IS-A-TASK by themselves. The second type will be customers with internal processes which aren’t well documented and ask Inovitech for assistance in documentation and configuration. The third variety is clients with internal processes which are neither well established nor documented and need expert advice on analyzing current processes and establishing new ones, in conjunction to documenting those processes and IS-A-TASK configuration.

Since its inception, Inovitech has gradually added to its product line as a result of regular interaction with its clients and understanding the vacuum in the market. The company is looking forward to form tie-ups with other technological platforms in order to increase information sharing practices. “Heading into the future, Inovitech will continue to focus on its flagship product IS-A-TASK as it is on a course to be a best-of-breed legal application,” concludes Debra.


Washington, DC

Debra Rozier, CEO and Founder

An innovative cloud computing application provider specializing in project management for the legal domain