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CIO VendorCostantino Lanza, CEO
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems at the majority of chemical plants are well in place and valuable to the daily maintenance and operation of the facilities. An Irvine, CA based company, INOVx Solutions, is delivering the next major leap forward with 3D Asset Virtualization (3DAV) software that provides a better way to use and manage asset information while improving its accuracy and extending its benefits into asset performance management. At the core, 3DAV transforms the industry from using information silos with static 2D documents to a dynamic, integrated 3D environment that is real-time integrated with enterprise systems. This enables new-age tools that apply Big Data and analytics to address specific functional areas at plants, such as: asset reliability, maintenance, operation, and inspection applications.

Making 3D information a part of EAM, 3DAV provides plant staff with superior products that enable them to make effective daily decisions, while managing the integrity of their assets. With a global track record of successful projects and proven software applications, INOVx is uniquely positioned to make Asset Virtualization an integral part of an industrial plant’s daily asset management discipline.

INOVx was conceived with a mission to introduce accurate asset information and eliminate static 2D documents. The company’s founders noticed a market gap where the plant operators were not taking advantage of 3D technologies. INOVx’s intention was to provide plant operators with accurate 3D asset information to be utilized as an integral part of asset management. “Asset Virtualization brings the process industries into the 21st century, and enables unprecedented accuracy of asset information in a dynamic 3D environment. This permits the industry to tackle its critical pain points with clarity in a manner expected by the top talent of the next generation,” explains Costantino Lanza, CEO, INOVx.

Synopsis of the Process
The first step in the process of applying 3DAV at complex chemical plants is the development of 3D virtual models that accurately represent existing assets within the facility.
For new plants, the virtual models are obtained from the 3D design models delivered from the design phase. For older plants, which do not have 3D models, INOVx leverages 3D laser scanning technology to capture the physical reality of the plant and uses its unique software to develop smart 3D models of the scanned areas. Since the 3D models are true representation as to what actually exists in the plants, they provide an accurate “baseline” for asset information systems. Subsequently, INOVx integrates the virtual models with management systems like SAP, Oracle and in-house database systems, based on the asset tag numbers. The final step is the proffering of 3D-based integrated applications, which addresses specific functional areas such as operation, reliability and maintenance.

INOVx takes immense pride in its flagship software system, RealityLINx, which comprises intelligent objects that are stored in an object-oriented database, which can be organized in any hierarchical logic that fits the needs of any functional area. RealityLINx is empowered with numerous functions that make it quite agile within any IT environment. All the software functionalities of RealityLINx can be controlled through roles assigned to various types of users.

Asset Virtualization brings the process industries into the 21st century, and enables unprecedented accuracy of asset information in a dynamic 3D environment.

The Roadmap
INOVx has just released a new version of its RealityLINx software (version 6.0) that includes the world’s first Management of Change (MoC) capabilities and tools for a 3D environment. Version 6.0 is the first 3D software capable of full 24/7 operational support while providing complete audit trail of facility changes overtime. When it comes to plant modifications, the MoC tools will allow plant operators to manage physical changes at the plant more effectively and maintain up-to-date accuracy with regard to the present situation in the plant.

INOVx Solutions

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Costantino Lanza, CEO

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