INPENSA: Defining Investments through Strategic Planning

Suraj Nekram, Co-founder, President and CEO
Companies today are spending millions of dollars on new projects and investments with little to no visibility into the value and benefits these investments are returning. This results in mis-aligned investments to strategies, loss of millions of dollars, and the inability of the CIO to communicate the value of IT investments to the business. To overcome these challenges management need appropriate information at the right time to drive the investment decisions and analysis of value realization.

Headquartered at Edison, NJ, INPENSA is helping companies make better investments through strategic planning and ROI analysis. “Our solution helps organizations identify not only the financial requirements to fund the project but also the operational outcomes and benefits that the investment will yield,” says Suraj Nekram, Co-founder, President and CEO, INPENSA.

Founded by a team of executives and practitioners from a multitude of industries, INPENSA is a SaaS technology company that offers solutions to streamline strategies, planning, and prioritization. “Our product suite effectively manages a portfolio of projects from early ideation phase all the way through the execution and realization of benefits that drove the project decision,” states Nekram. INPENSA’s products PlanIQ and CaseIQ focus on the upfront strategy and decision making process. PlanIQ is a project budgeting and forecasting solution that helps initiation of projects, prioritization, and alignment to strategies. CaseIQ is a purpose-built business case management solution that computes the ROI and provides analytics to drive the investment decision.

Additionally, INPENSA’s TracIQ solution delivers business value management scorecards to understand the ROI and value received from investments. The metrics and the speed at which the information is delivered, significantly improves the executives’ ability to optimize the project portfolio for value and ROI. “Once the operational metrics have been identified in the business case and approved, we track these metrics in TracIQ over a period of time called the ‘value period,” notes Nekram. Besides, the company also offers advisory services that help organizations align their processes distinctly across business units.

Our solution helps organizations identify the financial requirements and also the operational outcomes and benefit that an investment will yield

INPENSA has created a mark in the project management segment for several Fortune 100 and 500 companies. For instance, a Fortune 100 technology company wanted a solution to gain visibility into their investments. By implementing INPENSA’s TracIQ solution, the client was able to align their investments to their business strategies which facilitated the rebalancing of their portfolio. “We streamlined their business case management process and created 50 percent efficiency while reducing the amount of resources required in managing the process by 35 percent,” asserts Nekram. The solution helped the client to identify low value projects and realign funding to higher value investments.

To improve the value investments of their clients, INPENSA essentially focuses on the upfront planning, decision process, and portfolio financial management and value realization. “Prior to approval of any project, we take the effort to plan the essential necessities in advance in order to execute the assignment more effectively. This approach makes us stand out among other contenders in the project management domain,” says Nekram. Likewise, INPENSA emphasizes on practicality and not theory to innovate solutions at their lab. “We always stress upon empirical aspects while developing a product, so that it is capable of resolving the issue rather than escalating the problem,” asserts Nekram.

Commenting on the future of the company, Nekram says, “We are focused on fast time-to-value and handing over the control to our customers. We are launching a product called AdminIQ, which will enable customers to configure up to 80 percent of the solution independently.”


Edison, NJ

Suraj Nekram, Co-founder, President and CEO

A SaaS technology company focused on delivering solutions to organizations to better define project spend through strategic planning and prioritization