Inplenion International: Harnessing ERP for Seamless Digital Transformation

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Today, digital transformation is propelling a fundamental shift in the way businesses rethink their technology strategies. At the core of this is enterprise resource planning (ERP), which serves as the backbone of data to help organizations manage their essential processes, deliver near-term performance and long-term innovation and growth. An integrated ERP serves as the super-glue that connects critical business operations and helps streamline business processes to achieve greater user-centric communication, avoid redundancy, and increase productivity and efficiency. As the world’s most deployed cloud-based ERP solution, Oracle NetSuite provides all these benefits and accelerates business performance.

Assisting businesses in their fast-paced journey to digital transformation by harnessing the potential of cloud ERP services such as NetSuite, is Switzerland headquartered Inplenion; a management consulting company. As a NetSuite EMEA alliance partner, the company has been helping businesses manage their financial, operations, and customer relations—all of which are critical for growth and success of an enterprise.

Founded in 2006, Inplenion is on a mission to support business sustainability and continuity through its proven expertise in advisory services and solutions, including CFO advisory, corporate strategy, EPM (Enterprise Performance Management), and business analytics. Jann Tadorian, founder and CEO of the company says, “We are fully dedicated to delivering ERP and business analytics implementations that help our clients navigate through the various challenges that accompany digital transformation.” Through these initiatives, Inplenion supports organizations end-to-end in the overall transformation journey, starting from strategy execution design, financial, operational and resource planning, the underlying solution architecture, and throughout the implementation cycles, training, user adoption to the post-project support. “We bring end-to-end visibility across various business quarters, from management insights to business transactions, enabling businesses to make better decisions,” he adds. Using their deep-seated business expertise, the company is leveraging in-context analytics that power enhanced decision-making.

In this context Netsuite PBCS (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services) complements Netsuite’s base ERP offering to provide functionalities and features to cover organization’s budgeting, planning, analysis and reporting needs.

We bring end-to-end visibility across various business quarters, from management to transactions and IT, enabling businesses to make better and accurate technology decisions

It will allow organizations of various sizes to quickly adopt a world-class FP&A application across lines of businesses with flexible and customizable deployment options and improve overall business performance and more.

Comprised of highly skilled and experienced experts, Inplenion’s team collaborates and works closely with all its clients to design and deliver a unified and comprehensive solution that fully addresses their organizational requirements. Highlighting this aspect of Inplenion is the company’s latest success story involving a reproductive health therapeutics startup company in Switzerland. “Every startup needs an ERP like Netsuite to start to manage all of their financials and performance, resources and supply chain efficiently. That is what the biopharmaceutical Startup company was looking for as well,” explains Tadorian. Inplenion worked with client’s team and implemented in less than three months an ERP system that enabled the client to efficiently manage their operations.

Having carved a unique niche for itself in the NetSuite landscape, Inplenion is working hard to become the number one consultancy in ERP, EPM, business analytics and CFO Advisory when it comes to quality and presenting a brand that will set a benchmark in the industry. With a strong foothold across 13 countries in EMEA including offices in the U.S. and Australia, Inplenion is planning on expanding its offerings to other parts of the world. “We will also continue investing in our joint venture—ba2—to provide 24/7 outcome-driven managed services for ERP and business analytics applications on a global scale,” concludes Tadorian.

Inplenion International

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Jann Tadorian, Founder & CEO

An international management consulting company that harnesses ERP implementations to provide a wide range of advisory services and solutions

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