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Trent Rossini, Co-Founder & COO
Customer centricity is the pathway to success in today’s digital and omni-channel world. Most customer-centric firms are largely investing in real-time customer experience programs to figure out and track how well they deliver customer experience that meets or exceeds their brand promise. One of the biggest assumptions made during this process is that customers follow a specific, pre-identified set of customer journey paths. Trent Rossini, COO and Co-founder of inQuba, begs to differ, “this assumption is flawed,” he says. Modeling customer journeys as static approximations of the customer experience leaves a gaping hole—one into which customers fall as they slip through the cracks. This is because most Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions focus on measuring situations where customers achieve their goals; it largely ignores customers who did not achieve their goals. To truly orchestrate customer experiences, a customer relationship memory is required to ensure that context can be collected from various sources and then intelligently understood in order to have rich conversations with customers in their channel of choice.

inQuba has developed the platform Dynamic CX that meets these challenges head on. A data-driven and dynamic approach to customer experience management, Dynamic CX is shifting the possibilities of what is possible in real-time customer engagement.

By harnessing the operational and transactional data from a company’s business systems, Dynamic CX enables organizations to understand the ‘real’ journeys of their customers. “Customer journeys are at the heart of the inQuba platform and not surveys,” asserts Rossini. inQuba understands stakeholder journeys not only through up front modeling based on the ideal journey but also through assimilating operational data to recognize the actual patterns of customer engagement. “User feedback is more valuable than ever, but intelligent insight collection across channels is what is required to win in today’s customer-centric world,” says Rossini.

In tandem with this, the platform is supported by a comprehensive analytics capability that allows brands to dig deep into data to extract meaningful patterns and isolate root causes of any experience failures.

Customer journeys are at the heart of the inQuba platform and not surveys

By dynamically using the data collected across all touch points and channels, and through an understanding of the patterns of customer engagement the platform can orchestrate meaningful interactions. This provides far more than just the ability to know the customer better; it allows for the prediction of customer journeys that will lead to failure, and enables interventions with the customer that can guide them back to them achieving their goals. According to Rossini, “the platform creates a reality of the CX holy grail: A true single view of the customer’s context, regardless of channel.” It is based on an understanding that utilizes the relationship between customer journeys and a customer’s emotional reaction to the experience, and notes how this experience influences desired outcomes—in fact “the dynamic future of customer experience orchestration.”

Rossini exemplifies a real-time instance where Telkom, a telecommunication giant wanted a solution to track, measure, and manage their customers’ experiences—a unique service offering that would set the Telkom Mobile brand apart. By leveraging inQuba’s flexible, SaaS based Dynamic CX platform, Telkom was able to seamlessly monitor, track and manage their own customers’ experiences—providing real-time feedback, ensuring that there are no lags between the customer experience, feedback, escalation, and resolution and further ensuring that proactive improvements were put in place.

For the road ahead, inQuba is completely focused on enhancing Dynamic CX. With its unique ability to build a relationship memory which can help provide guidance to customers to achieve their goals, Dynamic CX has at its core the objective of ensuring that customers become great advocates of the brand. “In the long run, this will have a massive positive impact on revenue as word of mouth spreads, customer buy more and they stay longer,” Rossini signs off.


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Trent Rossini, Co-Founder & COO

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