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Bren Montgomery, President
The web industry is consistently changing. More and more people expect their online experiences to be harmonious with their specific needs and wants, and they don’t care what infrastructure or business challenges are preventing your being able to facilitate their demands.

Failing to provide a rich interactive experience not only makes organizations vulnerable but also lose business to their competition. However, most organizations lack part or any expertise at all in navigating the complex, changing world of interactive software design and development that will satisfy the needs of their audiences. Businesses also fall short when it comes to staying ahead of compliance regulations and a growing and changing body of legislative and security challenges in the industry.

In light of this, software and web agencies need to be flexible. They need to account for full lifecycle projects as well as web maintenance, accessibility, and/or security. Founded in 1998 and battle-hardened from the changes the industry has seen over the past 21 years, Insite keeps their clients ahead of the curve through impeccable competence and ongoing education.

“We have a well-disciplined and focused team of strategists, designers, and programmers that create award-winning website designs according to our clients’ business requirements,” says Bren Montgomery, president of Insite.

However, expertise alone isn’t enough to survive and thrive in today’s environment. “Sometimes you’re a piece of the puzzle. Sometimes you’re expected to be the entire package,” explained Cam Beck, Insite’s director of strategy and optimization. “And many times,” he continued, “clients don’t even know what the puzzle is supposed to look like. It’s our job first and foremost to find out what problem we’re trying to solve and then to provide information in business terms that a client can intelligently evaluate their options and make a decision that they believe is best suited to meet their complex needs.”

We have a well-disciplined and focused team of strategists, designers, and programmers that create award-winning website designs according to our clients’ business requirements

“We have top-notch competence in customizing and implementing CMS, LMS, and e-commerce systems for several enterprises,” said Montgomery. The company also has extensive back-end development expertise and in-depth knowledge of programming languages such as .NET, PHP, Python, as well as Java.

Insite’s broad and deep experience across many industry verticals allows them to deliver solutions that work, regardless of the industry. As the industry is constantly evolving, Insite offers a range of services from complete software lifecycle projects to ongoing consulting and maintenance services called the Insite 20/20 Plan.

Insite’s mission is to continue to remain disciplined and focused on the ever-changing digital landscape. It’s important to them to be able to keep clients in-the-know regarding web compliance, internet laws, and any new developments that lead to more reliable, accessible, and effective designs on top of sound, secure applications and websites.


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Bren Montgomery, President

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